Fertile Attraction

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If you haven’t read all you possibly can about people’s opinions on the octuplets’ situation, then check out my article on fertility ethics in the Pacific Sun.   by Jordan E. Rosenfeld In this age of reproductive wizardry, where babies can be created in test tubes and implanted in women who would not otherwise be able to get pregnant, it sometimes seems that anything goes. Yet the recent media storm and public outrage over Nadya Suleman—the Los Angeles mother of octuplets born in January that were conceived by in vitro fertilization (IVF) and are still in critical care—has led many to think of fertility treatments as Frankenstein manipulations and Suleman as a selfish monster. Other medical professionals are calling her … Read More

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Agents Seeking New Writers


The word on the street is that it might just be tougher than before to get an agent. Whether or not that’s true, it’s definitely trickier to determine, out of the thousands of agents in the guides, which ones are seeking new writers. Maria Schneider, of Editor Unleashed (and former managing editor at Writer’s Digest Magazine) has answered that question and put together a stellar guide of agents seeking new writers: Get an Agent. 100 E-friendly Agents Open to New Writers. At $14.95, you won’t find a better deal offering you such a specific set of agents anywhere, I promise! Best of all, it’s CURRENT…so get it while it’s hot.

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Social Network Overwhelm

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I feel so old, so out of date for what I’m about to say: between facebook and twitter and just keeping up with my two blogs, I am overwhelmed. And I don’t even get any of these applications on my cell phone! I like all of these forms of expression. The blog was a perfect outlet for a confessional sort like myself, and I understand its importance in a more professional manner, too. Facebook is a fabulous way to keep a quick tab on friends and whittle away time chasing down ghosts of the past. Twitter is like communication in haiku, but it’s also a little bit like what I imagine the stock exchange is like–conversations whizzing over and around … Read More

JordanSocial Network Overwhelm

A Real Deal


My husband and I are moving soon which means: PURGE TIME! Among dishes that don’t match and no longer needed baby items, I’ve got a box of my book Make a Scene that I don’t want to lug with us. So I’ll make anyone reading a deal: I’ll ship you up to three copies with no shipping charge, at only $12/copy. They’re regularly $14.95 plus tax and shipping. My book is good for the beginner or intermediate writer, since it offers not only refreshers on simple scene architecture, but detailed information on scene types. To take advantage of this deal–I’ve only got 22 copies left–email me: jordansmuse (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject “Make a Scene deal” and tell me … Read More

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Don’t Be Afraid of My Dark Alley


Inevitably, in my blogging life, there comes a fallow period where I turn away from you, hoard all my ideas and insights and treat my blog like a dark alley nobody would want to be caught alone in. I’ve done it again lately. I could blame it on motherhood or the weather or the economy but the real reason is that sometimes I find the task of constant upkeep daunting. I only recently joined Facebook, after all. I twitter, but still find that more effort than I can handle. I love blogging because I’ve always been the confessional sort, but sometimes even my confessions get stage fright. More so, there are so many blogs out there, run by such amazing people … Read More

JordanDon’t Be Afraid of My Dark Alley

Playing toward Publication

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Month-Long Write Free Playshop: Playing toward Publication Join us for the first Write Free Month-Long Playshop in which you exercise your creative chops and aim for your publishing dreams. We are now accepting sign- ups at our website for this new month-long, self-paced Write Free Playshop, which begins in March, 2009. Join us every weekday for four weeks (20 days), for the following activities, which will be sent to you in a daily e-mail (except for the Weekly Message, which will come once a week): Write Free Writing Prompt to jumpstart your own personal freewrite for the day Quote on Attraction to inspire and align you with your best creative life Word of the Day to spark your imagination Exercises … Read More

JordanPlaying toward Publication

Plot Inventory


I’m a guest blogger over at Routines for Writers every Tuesday of this month. Today, I blog about doing a plot inventory after a first draft to figure out where to go next. I hope you’ll visit Shonna’s wonderful site.

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Creativity Rescue

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Creativity Rescue Package Tough economic news and holiday blues can dampen your creativity just when you need its energy the most. The creators of Write Free offer you a Creativity Rescue Package, to “bail out” your stifled creativity and rejuvenate you for the New Year. The package includes: –The downloadable e-book Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life by Rebecca Lawton and Jordan E. Rosenfeld –Free subscription to the Write Free e-newsletter, featuring Creative Interviews, activities, and insights to juice up your creative soul throughout the year –Free subscription to the 2008 Newsletter archives (regularly $9.99) –Twenty percent off all hard copies of Write Free, lovely as gifts and indispensable to any writer’s library, for the entire year of 2009. All … Read More

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Cuss Time

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Jill McCorkle was my first mentor teacher at the Bennington Writing Seminars, where I  earned my MFA in creative writing. She’s a much beloved teacher there for many reasons, from her big, flirty, Southern personality, to her incisive  ability to tell you what works and what doesn’t in your fiction. She was a fabulous entry point for me because she could criticize me and still make me feel like she’d kissed me on the cheek. She’s written a fantastic article about, in essence, freedom of speech, called “Cuss Time” at The American Scholar. Her article also confirms for me why I hate it when people teach their children to use goofy sounding euphemisms for their body parts. I like to call reality … Read More

JordanCuss Time

Give Yourself A Writing Workshop


My former editor at Writer’s Digest magazine, Maria Schneider, and I are offering a series of online workshops on the business and craft of fiction writing beginning in January through her fabulous new writer’s site and forum: Editor Unleashed.  Our prices are reasonable and the courses will be self-paced. They’ll be a lot of fun, too, so I hope you’ll treat yourself or a writer you know to one or more of them! The workshops are as follows: Fiction Writing: Make a Scene  Description: Scenes are the building blocks of great fiction. This workshop will teach you the basics and then some for writing powerful, concise, page-turning scenes. This workshop is appropriate for writers of all levels. In this Workshop you … Read More

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