A New Kind of Heroine?

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I don’t know about you, but I get a little tired of romance novels where the protagonist is waiting for the man to complete her. I know it’s the old trope, and hey, I’m married–I like being partnered up–but come on now! I have hobbies, and so should our romantic heroines. Hopefully, Nan Troy (“Nancy Drew, all grown up”), of Night Oracle, is a romantic heroine of a different shade. She’s been through the ringer of failed relationships and she isn’t going to jump at the first offer that comes her way. She’s a grown woman who knows her needs and her tastes. So when she meets Cal Banks, she’s interested, but wary. Yes, he can work a saxophone like … Read More

JordanA New Kind of Heroine?

Night Oracle

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J.P. Rose’s first novel of romantic suspense, is on its way. Join me for a virtual launch party with giveaways and fun here, and on Facebook on April 10th. NIGHT ORACLE Nan Troy’s dreams come true but she sure as hell wishes they wouldn’t; they’re destroying her chances at love and the lives of those around her. Cal Banks hates to close his eyes; that’s when the night terrors come, leaving him breathless and hollow as his past tries to catch up. He’s hounded by his crazy ex, his domineering sister, and the desperate patrons of his nightclub, The Nocturne. Fleeing day for the safe veil of night, Nan, a frustrated artist, is drawn to the moody ambience of Cal’s … Read More

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