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As an optimist, even I can’t deny it has been a nasty time for world events. If you look only at the aggregate—Gaza and Israel, Robin Williams, Ferguson, ISIS, the loss of another good journalist to extremists—it’s all too easy to find yourself sinking into despair. When we try to reach our arms around all the suffering in the world at once, we find ourselves coming up woefully short, a surefire way to feel defeated What part can an optimist like me play in helping others in a time like this? I can’t be a savior. I’m not a soldier or an officer, not even really a journalist in the formal sense—I’m not likely to be of much help in … Read More

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Aloha, y’all. I’m heading off to paradise, in the eye of a hurricane. No, that’s not a metaphor, though maybe, on second thought, it is, in some way–perhaps nothing truly magnificent comes without struggle. Tropical Hurricane Isele is bearing down on the very Island we’ll be heading to! Hopefully it downgrades before we arrive (visualize light rain parting to blue sky for me, would you?).  Either way, if you have to just laze about, better Hawaii than home, right? I may or may not post in that time (likely not). But I’ll be back! Hopefully rejuvenated with some new posts for you. See you soon! *** Also, I’ll be heading to the Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference August 15-17. It has … Read More