Living in the Age of the Knee-Jerk Reaction

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If social media has taught me anything, it’s that having an opinion is a risky enterprise; at its best it’s likely to reveal new sides of people you thought you knew, and at its worst, attract vitriolic trolls. Social media has, for all of its good, made the public sphere so much more public, and instantaneously so. No more quiet quips on your Myspace page. And definitely no bad jokes on twitter —you could lose friends, your job, or even be harassed. And forget trying to make an impassioned plea for anything meaningful at the Oscars without a storm of backlash. Worse, simply having an opinion is no longer just a matter of speaking your mind or standing up for your integrity—it’s … Read More

JordanLiving in the Age of the Knee-Jerk Reaction

Monday, Monday

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It’s Monday, and  every one of us in the house was groaning about getting started today (even the cats). But start we did, some of us with more coffee than the others. The 6 year-old had to make do with muffins. But I refuse to face a new week with so much negativity, so I’m going to simply set the bar at “getting started” and “some” today, get some exercise, and remember to be gentle to myself and others today. Let me also encourage you to do the same. A few things you can do to get ahead of the game yourself: Read a poem Get 15 minutes of exercise. Even just a brisk walk Do something nice for someone else … Read More

JordanMonday, Monday

Dear Life: A 40 Year-Old’s Advice to a 20-Something

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In case you missed it: My letter of “advice” t0 a 20 something on Jennifer Pastiloff’s site The Manifest-Station: THE LETTER: Dear Life (letter abridged–read whole thing HERE), I know that I am experiencing a kind of life that many people my age will never get to experience. I am lucky. Why am I complaining? When do I stop trying this? When do I give up and move home? When do I throw in the towel? I want to help others. I want people to see that kindness can change the world. I want to walk the earth and take people with me. I want to experience new cultures and share my experiences with those who cannot. But are these dreams … Read More

JordanDear Life: A 40 Year-Old’s Advice to a 20-Something