What to Do While You Wait to be Published

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You want to be published,  for as long as you can remember. Or perhaps you’ve  recently realized that you’re actually rather good at this writing thing.  On the other hand, maybe you’ve submitted more pieces than you can count, or, you’ve just worked up your nerve for the first time. Wherever you fall in the want-to-be-published spectrum, read on. I’ve got words for you. The truth is, if you want to be published, you must never just wait. The title of this post is misleading on purpose. If you find yourself in the position of anguished waiting (wringing hands, fighting anxiety, cursing the publishing gods) here are some of the things you can be doing: All-weather Writing Your writing can be … Read More

JordanWhat to Do While You Wait to be Published

Be a Shield, Not a Target | On Criticism

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What I have learned this week: when you put yourself out there for public view, you open yourself to criticism.  Audiences claim and often, I think, dehumanize, anyone in a public sphere; just look at celebrities–we consider them “fair game” for any projection, as though their fame denies them their right to privacy or humanity. Don’t worry–I’m not calling myself anything near to famous–only public. My blogs and my essays, my stories and novels go out into the world where strangers can  (and do) read them. And lately, it seems, my thoughts have pissed a few people off (I didn’t even think I was controversial). Maybe this has happened to you, too. But you don’t have to be a target. … Read More

JordanBe a Shield, Not a Target | On Criticism