Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by social networking–I have a twitter account but I only tweet once in a great while. I don’t know which streams to follow and doubt that every one of my followers actually reads me.  I know I’ve already talked about this. Linkedin. Myspace. Blogs and newsfeeds overwhelm me. Facebook is the only site I really use and it’s actually worked to connect me locally with other mothers as well as being a great way to keep up with faraway friends. Yet yesterday, an act of sabotage of fiberoptic cables in the county where I live, disrupted access to phones (cell and home) and internet for the entire day. Just one day, but I was going out … Read More


How to Buy a Love of Reading


I had the pleasure of interviewing Tanya Egan Gibson, author of the novel How to Buy a Love of Reading, in the current issue of Writer’s Digest magazine for my column, First Impressions, which features debut authors. Not only is Tanya a lovely person, but her book is clever, funny and also a serious love letter, in my opinion, to reading. Watch the very cool book trailer here (sorry I haven’t figured out how to embed): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrQ_o7FmwKo And then pop on over to Tanya’s website: http://www.tanyaegangibson.com/ and read the stories about how reading saved people’s lives. You can then email Tanya a story of your own! Synopsis of How to Buy a Love of Reading: To Carley Wells, words are the enemy. Her tutor’s innumerable … Read More

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No, this isn’t an advertisement for Kaiser Permanente–my cousin in the South end of the American continent (and soul sister) Patricia Schiavone has launched a magnificent ebook, Thriving Together: A ‘Magic’ Way to Attract the Life of our Dreams. The first 628 people to buy the book will get it for only $6.95, and there are other fantastic incentives at her site. The book teaches you how to engage in a group visualization to help you and your friends attract what you seek. I am a big fan of meditation/visualization and the law of attraction, and I’ve also had the experience of doing a group visualization with Patricia–with fantastic results. Click here to visit Patricia Schiavone’s website!  Buy it now!! It’s money … Read More


Time to Play

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Don’t you get a little tired of the drudgery part of seeking publication? All that sifting, sorting, posting, mailing and then the waiting… Want to have a little fun in the process of seeking publication? Then join me and Rebecca Lawton, authors of the book Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life for our monthly self-paced “Playshops.” Playshop One’s theme is “Playing toward Publication.” The playshops take place each month. Next one begins April 6, 2009. For 20 days of the month you receive inspiring quotes and words, write free prompts, craft exercises and a weekly message to juice your creative energy up and engage in new publishing strategies.  Sign up at: www.writefree.us/bookstore.html .

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Editors Are People Too

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I’ve found that it’s all too easy to pin our writerly anxiety about publication on the editors we pitch and submit to, whether as freelance writers or as an author waiting to hear back from a book or proposal out on submission.  Most likely your family, spouse or friends are a tad sick of hearing about how nervous you are…so those feelings end up aimed at the wrong people. You might accidentally think of them as purposely withholding an answer about your precious pitch, or spitefully telling you that it isn’t what they’re looking for. You might even think that they went out of their way to tell you what was wrong with something you pitched. These are understandable, but … Read More

JordanEditors Are People Too

Wanting to be Jackie Kennedy

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My talented friend Elizabeth Kern has made it to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel quarter-finals for her novel Wanting to be Jackie Kennedy. I have had the good fortune to read this lovely novel and I can plainly say that it is a winner. If you’d like to help out a talented author and read a wonderful excerpt, you can review her book favorably! Download the excerpt here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001UG39M4

JordanWanting to be Jackie Kennedy

“All Space”


Something inside me has snapped. I feel like shouting I CAN’T DO IT! I simply cannot keep track of another site that connects me to other people. My brain hurts–perhaps because my eyeballs are stuck to it. I am Linkedin but I don’t know what I’m linked in to! I have a shelf at Goodreads, but I don’t have the time to post reviews–too busy reading in between mothering and working to bother. I am a RedRoom author but couldn’t tell you waht goes on there. I have a Myspace account but haven’t accepted a new friend in over a year nor posted anything. I twitter, but my tweets are so infrequent they’re probably considered “twits.” The only site I can actively keep … Read More

Jordan“All Space”

Between Blockbuster and Obscurity…


At the Zoetrope Writer’s Workshop, where I’ve been a member since 1999, an interested publishing thread came up in light of the reported deal that author Audrey Niffenegger received a $4.5 million dollar advance for her second book. First of all, anyone who’s read her debut, The Time Traveler’s Wife, knows what a talented writer she is. Second, since I interviewed Pat Walsh, her editor at MacAdam/Cage long ago for an article in The Writer, I know that the money they offered her (reportedly about $100,000) was not the highest offer on her book. But she took it because of the attention she was going to get from working with a small publisher and because it felt right to her. In the … Read More

JordanBetween Blockbuster and Obscurity…

A Light at the End of a Print Run


My book Make a Scene, published nearly a year and a half ago, has almost sold out of its initial print run thanks to thousands of people …yes, thousands. It’s hard for me to picture all those desks and book bags and car seats and classrooms where my words, bound beautifully by Writer’s Digest, sit. I am so grateful. I still remember the weekend when that idea first started to percolate, and pick up steam, and finally resulted in a proposal for a book. I was on a writing reatreat at Wellspring, in Philo (near Mendocino, CA). It was a rainy January weekend and my dear friend Marlene Cullen and I spent two quiet days holed up with a continuous … Read More

JordanA Light at the End of a Print Run

When to Hire a Developmental Editor?


I work with all kinds of editing clients, at various stages of the writing process. I don’t turn anyone away who seeks my services but there are better times to hire an editor than others. When to hire an editor is one of the most frequently asked questions I get. I do mostly developmental editing, which means content, structure, plot, characters, narrative flow–big picture issues (as well as the “small” stuff like grammar and syntax).  You should hire a developmental editor such as me when: You can do no more. A great time to hire an editor is when you have done multiple drafts, revised and tweaked everything you possibly can, and now you need an outside eye (and I recommend you go to … Read More

JordanWhen to Hire a Developmental Editor?