I’m a writer as well as an editor. Thus, I know exactly how hard you’ve worked, and how important it is to be given clear guidance on where to go next.

I’ve critiqued and edited hundreds of manuscripts (references available) for novelists and non-fiction writers alike. I offer developmental editing (manuscript critique)–addressing all issues from plot and structure to character and scene development, with your whole project and an eye toward publication in mind–and copy-editing.

What you can expect from a developmental edit (also known as a “line edit” or “substantive” edit):

  • Personalized agreement that allows you to specify your concerns and goals
  • In-text comments AND LINE EDITS on the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses on such areas as: Plot, character development, scene mastery, dramatic tension, flow of ideas, etc.  (Not a full copy-edit)
  • Notes and edits on common style/grammar problems found within manuscript (not a complete copy-edit)
  • A comprehensive summary letter addressing all key issues with strategies for revision
  • A single 20 minute phone consult is included. Further consults are pro-rated at $60/hr.
  • Rate: $6/page

What you can expect from a *copy-edit (also known as a “proofread”):

  • Corrections of errors in grammar, spelling and syntax
  • Style suggestions for common or repeated problems
  • Suggestions for freshening up language and word choice (cliches, tone, voice)
  • *When overbooked, I will offer you referrals to several trusted colleagues
  • Rate: $5/page

How page and word count are determined:

  • An “editable page” in industry parlance = 250 words/page. 12 point font. Double spaced.
  • Your editable page count is determined by taking total word count and dividing by 250 words/page.  Ex: An 80,000 word manuscript divided by 250 words = 320 editable pages.

How I charge?

By the “editable” page.

What kind of editing do I need?

It is my experience that most people who think they want a copy-edit (corrections and style fixes) actually want a developmental edit or a critique–getting comprehensive comments on the big picture issues of the story.  You are ready for a copy-edit when you are DONE making changes to your story, scenes, and character development and are ready to submit your manuscript somewhere or publish it. The copy-edit is the LAST stage of editing.

Turnaround Time:

  • I’m often booked out a month or more. I ask for a deposit on a project to guarantee a time slot.
  • On average, a full length manuscript, of 300-400 pages will take 2 weeks for a critique and 3-4 weeks for a developmental or copy-edit.

Types of work I edit:

  • Novels of all genres
  • Memoirs
  • Non-fiction books
  • Non-fiction book proposals
  • Essays and short stories


 Watch this hour-long webinar: Fresh Eyes: When to Pay an Editor for the Hard Truth: from Writer.ly.om 

If you have more questions about my  services, please use the contact form to send me a message. Thanks!

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