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This past weekend I had a fantastic time speaking at the Writer’s Digest annual writing conference, in New York. They’ve been holding this conference for years, and it shows in its well-oiled unfolding and high caliber of presentations. It’s a pleasure to be there to speak, but I tell you, I still fondly remember the years when I attended writing conferences as an aspiring writer–the froth of excitement and nerves in my chest as I walked past authors I admired, agents I wanted to pitch, and so on.

Author Coach Nina Amir, and me

Author Coach Nina Amir, and me


In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there are a lot of wonderful reasons to go to conferences, and writers should be reminded why.


Authors Extraordinaire: Heather Webb (L) and Therese Walsh (R)

The reasons you should go do not include a guarantee that you’ll get an agent, or that editor at the publishing house will hand you a book contract. The reasons to go are:

  • You will realize that you and your fellow writers are in it together, not competition, that everyone’s path is so different.
  • You’ll receive at least one, if not ten, pieces of information about the craft or the business that you have never heard before, or in a new way, changing how you write or work.
  • You will realize that agents, editors and authors are just people, not intimidating monoliths of industry trying to keep you out of it.
  • You will meet important people whose names you will want to hold onto
  • You’ll be inspired. It’s almost impossible not to feel excited and enthused after listening to people share their journeys to success, their love of the craft, their dedication to literature.
  • You’ll come home with a clearer picture of what you want and what you need to do to
Writer's Digest Books Publisher Phil Sexton (L), Me, and Conference Organizer Taylor Jacobs (R).

Writer’s Digest Books Publisher Phil Sexton (L), Me, and Conference Organizer Taylor Jacobs (R).

In other news:

If you haven’t heard, my new novel Women in Red has been published.

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JordanWhy You Should Go to a Writing Conference…