The Synchronicity of Your Story

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“Take a small step in the direction of a dream and watch the synchronous doors flying open.”—Julia Cameron

This post is about writing. It’s about dreams. It’s about shaping your reality. It’s about allowing versus forcing.

It starts with synchronicity. Not “The Police” album—though that’s a damn fine album, one of my favorites. No I’m talking about that phenomenon by which events line up in your life in such a way as to look like coincidence but feel like something much more meaningful. I went to bed musing on this concept the other night after seeing the movie Gravity—which many people didn’t like, but I had a profound experience of it, and not because of George Clooney. I came away from that movie—loosely about a space disaster, but really about love and death and our time in between—thinking of the magnificence of life; It’s profound that we get to be here at all in these bodies and do what we do on earth.

Carl Jung’s theory of Synchronicity (he coined the term), which I described above—though he says much more about it, in essence is that he believed that life was not a “series of random events but rather an expression of a deeper order…This deeper order led to the insights that a person was both embedded in an orderly framework and was the focus of that orderly framework and that the realization of this was more than just an intellectual exercise…” (Wikipedia). Yes! No matter what you believe or think about the origins of life, we live in a world of beautiful patterns and unexplainable beauty, no?

Stay with me.

The movie reminded me that our time on the planet is brief but for a reason. Our lives are like novels—we have such a short time to explore, discover, overcome obstacles, fight antagonists, make allies, and transform or discover our stories. What we do here can be empty and robotic, or it can be transformative, pushing ourselves to new edges. That what we think we want is often only the tip of that proverbial iceberg…

Ever since that movie, I’ve been feeling out the shape of meaning and purpose in my life in the language the universe speaks: synchronicity. It speaks through unlikely parallels. Unexpected coincidence that smacks us awake. And I’m finding it everywhere. Conversations that lead to books, that lead to ideas, that lead to blog posts that lead to writing projects that lead to new friends that lead to lost resources that lead to Big. Divine. Inspirations. I’ll be blogging more about this in weeks to come.

Synchronicity requires you to be open and present. You must look for it. You must not write things off as incidental. Turn off your logical brain for just a moment. Just as quantum physics cracks open the underpinnings of reality more boldly every day, revealing that there is far more going on in the big cosmic soup than we realized—that atoms can be both particle and wave, that the universe expands despite gravity’s pull, that for all we know life is just a dream in a star’s heart—we know that words can be scribbled ink on a page, or digital pixels, or emotions plunged right into a reader’s heart.

Synchronicity requires attention. I think it’s got a spirit of playfulness. It likes to make us giggle. It loves artists and writers of all stripes, because we have that tendency to tap into the language of symbols it speaks.

Speak its language, my writing friends. Don’t box yourself into a category or container, a set of expectations. Writers often want an audience, but we wait for others to tell us we’re worthy. We hope to squeeze through the tiny crack in the big gates on that hallowed road to fame and fortune and squirrel away the words we should be sharing now.

There are other paths than just fame and fortune. MANY others. Stay open. Write what you need to write, and share it with whom you want to share it.

Look for the synchronicity.

Allow the doors to fly open.

Do it now. Before your story is over.

JordanThe Synchronicity of Your Story