The Invisible Weight


1425679_1425661180982570_1075572079_nToday a family has suffered a terrible loss, that of a beloved child, to cancer. I have several friends, too many, actually who have suffered this loss and who go on doing so. You never “get over” this or “move on.”  The parents who lose a child look the same as anyone else. You probably will not be able to tell while they’re out walking in the world, buying groceries, tending to their still-living children, that they are rent with loss. Grief of this sort is invisible to the eye, and yet infinitely weighted inside. So I’m posting today to bring some attention and love in any form to the family of Jennifer Lynn Kranz, who lost their sweet girl today, far, far, far too soon.

I know it is arrogant to assume I know a fraction of what Jennifer’s family feels, but I believe in these moments we realize how connected we all truly are. Jennifer’s family members are friends with several of my friends, and her story is a local story. This community at large, and in specific my small circle of mother friends, is bereft today. Sorrow has spread tendrils all throughout the day. I believe that Jennifer brought and left gifts behind; I know her parents, especially, are counting them all, but for today there is no comfort.

If you would just remember to be a little kinder, a little gentler to the people you pass. All those aphorisms: love and hug your beloveds. Clutch your children tightly. But also, spare a little thought for this family if you can.

And if you’d like to help this family, you can do so here:

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