The Art of Persistence

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Ah, my friends, I apologize for abandoning my blog for so long. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that sometimes you just can’t do it all. You’re better off not trying to keep up with “all” so that you don’t train your brain to believe it’s ever really possible. It’s not.

I like to remind everyone that the reason I wrote a book about persistence is because I’ve had to be very persistent. I’ve experienced just as many setbacks, rejections and moments of criticism as the next person. The past two weeks have required a lot more of it than usual, and I’ve been pulling out all of my own advice, particularly:

  • Rejected? Go elsewhere, or go deeper.
  • Waiting for something? Use waiting time to produce more material
  • Struggling to find time to write? Carve out distractions like Facebook, research, and organizing your closet.
  • Saying yes too often to people when you should be writing? Remember it’s a loving act to yourself and others to make your writing time a priority. It will make you more available to them later on. No “martyring.”
  • Convinced you’re not any good? Talk to yourself the way you would encourage a friend having a hard time.

The point is: Persistence, which is that attitude of curiosity and flexibility rooted in passion, is a daily enterprise sometimes. You have to keep reaching for what you love, what moves you, what makes the process worthwhile to buoy yourself through the difficult times.

I believe in you!

There are several things I’m popping in to let you know about, and I’m very excited about all of them. I’m beginning a new podcast called “The Art of Persistence” in partnership with Sweatpants & Coffee. Hopefully the first one will be up next week. It’s for writers and other creatives–and I’ll be answering your questions, as well, in short videos. So I really hope you’ll tune in, subscribe and connect.

Next, my next novel, Women in Red, a psychological thriller in the world of dancers and sociopaths, is forthcoming end of this month from Booktrope. I hope you’ll have fun reading it, and for local friends in the South and North bay area, I have upcoming events. My book launch party will take place on Saturday July 25, BookSmart of Morgan Hill. 80 E. 2nd Street. 2 pm. With a special musical event. Don’t miss it! Women in Red high res
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Also: 2016 dates have already been set for the 3rd annual Writer Path retreat!

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