Make a Stab at Measuring Up

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Writers, here is the ugly truth: readers live in an all-encompassing “now” when they read your book. They don’t know, and most probably can’t fathom, the amount of work, emotional agony and shades of artistic angst that went into the making of your book. They don’t think about how you will feel when they post their critical review on Amazon or Goodreads. In fact, when reading, I’d venture that most readers don’t even consider you at all—there is not so much an author as a free-floating, amorphous deity of creation that zapped the book into being like something off an old episode of Star Trek. While at first this realization is painful, I’m only reminding you to push you to … Read More

JordanMake a Stab at Measuring Up

The Write Work

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“You bring to your writing, your art, and your stories a piece of yourself. In return, the act of creating gives you the possibility of something even greater: true transformation.” I’ve come to an unavoidable crux in working with writing clients. It is my job to advise and critique on the nature of making a work of writing closer to publishable. It is my hope and desire, as it is my clients’, that they shall publish—most of them through mainstream channels—their beloved works. And yet a greater truth has been stalking me, circling me through the brush of my own awareness that there is more to writing than getting published and I’m working to find the perfect way to express … Read More

JordanThe Write Work

Contest: Why Writing Matters

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Last week I posted a blog entry with 10 Reasons Why Writing Matters (Even When You’re Still Unpublished). Now, exciting news: I’m hosting a contest that opens tomorrow (August 15) and ends on September 30th. Send me your most original paragraph on why one of the following reasons is true for you–examples appreciated–and you will be put into a drawing to win a free spot in any one of my forthcoming 1-week intensives in December. Submission guidelines: Use the contact form here at the website to submit your paragraph. If your paragraph won’t fit, please email jordansmuse(at)gmail(dot)com. Please include your name and an email address so I can contact you! Jordan’s Reasons to Write: Creativity has been proven to have positive effects on … Read More

JordanContest: Why Writing Matters


JordanWriting to Process

There’s static fritzing in my body today. It started when the world receded into the hush of night—my own rapid heartbeat, my husband’s even breathing, the white noise of my son’s bedroom the only sounds. It feels like my insides are made of steel wool, my organs scratching against one another, inflamed. There’s a heat behind my eyes, melting my vision. I don’t know if I trust what I see. This is the feeling of emotions with no exit strategy. When I cannot say how I feel to the people I want to express myself to, words become thistles, snagging the softest corners of me into uncertainty. I like to turn my hardships into lessons, to look for gold I … Read More


Soft Landing

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I think of the old adage: “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” As a writer, I know how untrue this is. Words are at best, beauty, and at worst, weapons. We often wield them clumsily. When fueled by emotion they are often the most painful sort of cudgels and knives, driving into the soft spots inside us, opening up our wounds. And yet, no matter how many times my words have failed me, or been turned against me, or others’ words have come splintering out of the silence in sharp and unexpected shards, I still turn back to them time and time again. Those of us driven to understand use words as our … Read More

JordanSoft Landing

Writing. Practice.

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Recently I started taking yoga again. I’ve never been terribly consistent about yoga, and always admire the lithe, wiry people who seem to defy gravity in their poses, arms holding up their entire bodies; legs that seem strong enough to carry the whole class. These are the people who refer to yoga as a “practice”—a concept that seems to run so much deeper than just “I take yoga classes.” I picture them holding tree pose while they brush their teeth, doing downward dog as they tie their children’s shoes. But what I never imagine are these practitioners of yoga madly doing Sun Salutes or Forward Folds on their way to a finish line, or expecting to be crowned Most Yogic … Read More

JordanWriting. Practice.

Sage Cohen Uses Both Sides of Her Brain: So Can You

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A Q &A with author Sage Cohenabout learning to place as much importance on process vs. results, using both sides of your brain, structuring your time wisely, and much more.

JordanSage Cohen Uses Both Sides of Her Brain: So Can You

Giving Yourself Purpose


What makes me feel purposeful is connecting with other writers–talking about books, helping others to find publishing avenues, walking with people into the heart of their dreams.

JordanGiving Yourself Purpose