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My sixth writing guide, How to Write a Page Turner: How to Craft a Story Your Readers Can’t Put Down will be published on Tuesday, March 19th. It’s available for pre-order already. I’m so excited about sharing this book with you. Every year, through reading, editing, and my own writing, I learn deeper nuances about the writing process. This book contains tips to infuse page-turning tension into every aspect of your story or novel and even memoir. In the meantime, I’m giving you a little preview of what’s to come: “Tension in novels, stories, and even memoirs is like the connective tissue that allows muscles to attach to bones, and thus flex their might. It’s the heart of conflict, the … Read More

JordanWrite with Page Turning Tension


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This is supposed to be the second blog about writing and creativity today, but I am sidetracked by things I’ve been reading about grief, about how we force our children to Learn and Achieve when what they need is to be Seen and Loved. I’m derailed by my three year-old son’s sweaty nape at naptime, how he pulls me in close for a big kiss and several hugs—actions that already feel fleeting…(how long does a boy want his mama to cuddle him?); the way he comes wandering down the hallway looking for his “baby kitty” so he can nap safely. I’m remembering my own brother, similarly a sweet little tow-head at the same age, waking teenaged me up by banging … Read More


10 Reasons why Writing Matters: Creating a Second Path

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I think it’s safe to say that I am on a mission. As is typical of me, I didn’t know I was on one until I was deep into it. It has been inspired by working with writers for the past decade, and watching the publishing industry suffer its growing pains, not always in a very pretty or predictable way. The fallout is that writers seem to get more discouraged more often than they used to when I first started editing and coaching. It’s gotten me to thinking a lot about the purpose and power of writing, fiction or non-fiction alike. If the only reason we set out to do it is for the belief in a big contract with … Read More

Jordan10 Reasons why Writing Matters: Creating a Second Path

The New Gatekeeper is You


Whether you wait for the iron gates of existing publishing to open from your efforts, or you forge your own path, keep the deepest parts of yourself in mind, your heart, your soul, and the people who look to you.

JordanThe New Gatekeeper is You