Too Much of a Good Thing

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I haven’t been a very good blogger lately, I’m sorry. There were revisions on A Writer’s Guide to Persistence due. A draft of Deep Scenes (my forthcoming book with Martha Alderson) to complete. In between were edits and articles as well. So while those things are done, scraped away from my plate, in their place are all the other projects that got pushed aside. Now I’m feeling the stomach-lurching gravity of the downward side of the slope tugging at my edges, the fringe of my feelings tinted blue, the thoughts that lean toward can’t and won’t and why. My mind and body are crying: Rest. Stop. No more. And my ever-furious muse is singing John Mellencamp: Come on baby, make it hurt so good. Too much work … Read More

JordanToo Much of a Good Thing

Say Yes

JordanA Writer's Guide to Persistence

Happy November 3rd! Subscribers to my newsletter receive pep talks like this one every month, along with discounts, submission opportunities, and more. Don’t miss out. Subscribe today: Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek. Say Yes Intrepid scribes: many of you are participating in #NanoWriMo right now–which means you only skimmed this, but that’s okay. This month, when holidays and obligations begin their python-squeeze around our necks, you may find yourself saying no to things that matter to you. So let me be your cheerleader, the voice that has your writerly back. I want you to SAY YES to yourself this month. To your writing, to your creativity, to your dreams. Anytime someone achieves fame in the arts, people want to know: How, Why, … Read More

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