Why Write? The Point of Persistence

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This week my author copies of A Writer’s Guide to Persistence arrived in the mail and with them, that surreal bewilderment of time having sped up so fast that it felt as though I had jumped into the future in a blink. Wasn’t I just dreaming up the idea as a series of journal entries and blog posts meant to cheer myself out of a funk? Hadn’t I just gotten the news from Writer’s Digest Books that they would buy this idea borne out of hope and joy? Wasn’t I just plunking out the first draft, knuckling through the revision? Yes. Yes. And yes. This book’s birth has felt so fast, and frankly so easy because I undertook the whole process with little pressure on myself … Read More

JordanWhy Write? The Point of Persistence

Say Yes

JordanA Writer's Guide to Persistence

Happy November 3rd! Subscribers to my newsletter receive pep talks like this one every month, along with discounts, submission opportunities, and more. Don’t miss out. Subscribe today: Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek. Say Yes Intrepid scribes: many of you are participating in #NanoWriMo right now–which means you only skimmed this, but that’s okay. This month, when holidays and obligations begin their python-squeeze around our necks, you may find yourself saying no to things that matter to you. So let me be your cheerleader, the voice that has your writerly back. I want you to SAY YES to yourself this month. To your writing, to your creativity, to your dreams. Anytime someone achieves fame in the arts, people want to know: How, Why, … Read More

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Fail Up: On Creative Resilience

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I don’t know too many people who stand up proudly and shout “yay” when they experience a failure, whether you’ve been accused of doing something wrong, or poorly, or a creative experiment if didn’t go the way you hoped (or a thousand other examples). The more people who are aware of your “failure,” the more you may want to burrow away into a dimly lit cave until all memory of it has passed. But what if I told you that you should celebrate and share your failures? That failures are signs of experimentation and creativity, of stretching and pushing yourself bravely toward the unknown? Whether you’re a writer, or a teacher, a manager of your department, or a parent. Failure … Read More

JordanFail Up: On Creative Resilience