Ski slope. Roulette wheel. Writing Prompt

JordanCraft, Writing. Practice.

In keeping with my goal to write more fiction without any pressure, structure or guidelines, here’s day two of short prompt writing. Join me in the same prompt, or even take my short piece of writing as a starting point to prompt your own story! Ski slope. Roulette wheel. Prompt from the Writing Prompts app, by She stared down the slope of sleek gleaming white with a mixture of awe and ragged, pounding terror. The night sky bloomed with stars, so many, like a woman flaunting a neck full of diamonds. When was the last time she’d seen so much sky, wide open and unencumbered by the boxed edges of suburbia? In her life back home, sky was an … Read More

JordanSki slope. Roulette wheel. Writing Prompt

Becoming Persistent| On Writing & Commitment

JordanA Writer's Guide to Persistence, Writing. Practice.

There’s nothing more humbling to me as a teacher than to watch the process of writers in action. Martha Alderson and I are just back after our first intensive  plot & scene retreat at the Mount Madonna Center in the Santa Cruz mountains. An on-going light-hearted joke,  that was at the same time serious, kept surfacing when we’d encounter an error or confusion: “X happened, because we’re suffering from the human condition.” It became my mantra for the weekend. We all experience the human condition—joy and pain, elation and terror, frustration and delight, error and success—it’s how we suffer and grapple with our being human that makes meaning of it. This applies very neatly to our writing. How we suffer and grapple with … Read More

JordanBecoming Persistent| On Writing & Commitment