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I am excited to host two amazing ladies on my blog today, to tell you about  the fabulous program they have put together to help authors get their book published and to learn how to revise your novels in a manner that will make manuscripts shine!   VIDEO SERIES We offer writers two video series with more in production: 1) PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month 8 videos, 5.5 hours + 3- hands-on exercises Congratulations! You have written a draft of a novel. You’ve accomplished what many writers merely talk about and dream of doing – you have written an entire story from beginning to end. When you finish celebrating, it is time to revise: to re-envision and rewrite … Read More

JordanBlog Tour | Jill Corcoran & Martha Alderson’s A Path to Publishing

Why Attend a Writer’s Retreat vs. Conference?

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Artists of all stripes, but writers especially, need scads of time to enter the silence where art is created. It’s hard to do in the bustle of family life, at work, and surrounded by friends. Visual artists often go on “residencies” but writers are generally pointed in the direction of conferences where you are exhorted to improve, refine, better your craft and hone your  path to publication.  This is, of course, a good thing–where else can you meet literary heroes and experts in a quick, intense setting? But having been to enough conferences as both participant and presenter, I can tell you that I often return home spent to my very last. There’s a driving energy at the conference scene … Read More

JordanWhy Attend a Writer’s Retreat vs. Conference?