The Thousand Things

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From the archives. This post originally ran June, 2011–but it feels right for now. On the phone with a writing client today I say, “It’s a crazy week,” and he laughs knowingly. “It’s always a crazy week,” he says. I can’t read his tone. Is he chastising me? It does seem that I say this to him each week during our standing appointment. Is this his impression of the person he’s hired to coach him through seeing his manuscript through to publication? “It’s always crazy, for everyone,” he amends, but somehow I still feel guilty. The day spins out like a yo-yo flung too far and gone slack. I’ve finished several critiques and a book review on time and suddenly it’s … Read More

JordanThe Thousand Things

Fixing the Crack (on Perfectionism)

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Where my three year-old son’s closet door meets its edge, there is a crack. A tiny crack, barely enough to slide a thick piece of paper in. Like all closet doors, it simply doesn’t close perfectly. “Fix the crack,” he begs, last in a list of ritualistic requests he makes, stalling the moment when he is alone with himself and the dark (if you don’t count the 20 stuffed animals, two night-lights, six layers of blankets, tank of goldfish, white noise and more). And believe me, I don’t blame him for his dislike of the crack. In stories and, perhaps, somewhere deeper in our psyches, it is through cracks that monsters and ghosts, stealers of souls, and doppelgangers creep and … Read More

JordanFixing the Crack (on Perfectionism)