What Slug-Bug Can Teach You About Writing

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Have you ever played the game “slug-bug”?  You know, on a long road trip with a sibling or a friend, every time you see a Volkswagon Bug (or whatever your vehicle of choice), you have to punch your friend on the shoulder? And how, after awhile, your arm all tensed up waiting for the sting of that fist on your shoulder-meat, it seems like all you see on the road are VW bugs? Okay, so maybe your car pasttimes were more civilized, but here’s where I’m going to make this about writing… Being a writing coach, I hear a lot from my clients on their bad days…how far from done they feel, how much they think they have to learn, how … Read More

JordanWhat Slug-Bug Can Teach You About Writing

Make Me Tense…please

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One of many things I find so marvelous about writing fiction is that what works in real life might never fly on the fictional page, and often vice versa. Fiction is a simulacrum (oh how I love pulling that word out) of reality, or even more so in the case of fantasy and science-fiction, a simulated reality. As such, most of us would not hold up under the level of tension necessary to make a novel compelling and impossible to put down. The greater the tension in fiction, the more rapt readers are; while the greater the tension in your real life, the more glasses of wine or hot lavender baths it takes to soothe away the headache (or whatever your thing … Read More

JordanMake Me Tense…please

Exorcise Your Themes

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You can’t let go.  You have not taken control. Just admit it. There is at least one, but likely several themes you simply have not exorcised from your writing that trip you up. If not a theme, I’ll bet it’s a character, an image or a setting that you can’t shake. Though I’m a fiction writer, I am sure this applies to non-fiction writers and poets too.   “Every artist is undoubtedly pursuing his truth. If he is a great artist, each work brings him nearer to it, or at least, swings still closer toward this center, this buried sun where everything must one day burn.”  While I’m in agreement with Albert Camus’ point above, I’m pretty sure that mediocre and just plain … Read More

JordanExorcise Your Themes