Make a Stab at Measuring Up

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Writers, here is the ugly truth: readers live in an all-encompassing “now” when they read your book. They don’t know, and most probably can’t fathom, the amount of work, emotional agony and shades of artistic angst that went into the making of your book. They don’t think about how you will feel when they post their critical review on Amazon or Goodreads. In fact, when reading, I’d venture that most readers don’t even consider you at all—there is not so much an author as a free-floating, amorphous deity of creation that zapped the book into being like something off an old episode of Star Trek. While at first this realization is painful, I’m only reminding you to push you to … Read More

JordanMake a Stab at Measuring Up

Fixing the Crack (on Perfectionism)

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Where my three year-old son’s closet door meets its edge, there is a crack. A tiny crack, barely enough to slide a thick piece of paper in. Like all closet doors, it simply doesn’t close perfectly. “Fix the crack,” he begs, last in a list of ritualistic requests he makes, stalling the moment when he is alone with himself and the dark (if you don’t count the 20 stuffed animals, two night-lights, six layers of blankets, tank of goldfish, white noise and more). And believe me, I don’t blame him for his dislike of the crack. In stories and, perhaps, somewhere deeper in our psyches, it is through cracks that monsters and ghosts, stealers of souls, and doppelgangers creep and … Read More

JordanFixing the Crack (on Perfectionism)

Call Me Coach

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Despite the bad rap that comes with the title, as a kid I always wanted to be teacher’s pet. Not just for the praise; it seemed that to get more time with one’s teacher was to be closer to the source of learning itself—and I was a Hungry Learner. It’s from this standpoint that I approach writing coaching. I’ve been doing it for years now, but calling it something else (editing). Fact is, the hungry learner inside me has an alter-ego known as the Eager Teacher. Each year that I edit more writers’ manuscripts I learn more about how hungry writers are, too, to write the best material they can write, to imbibe and learn the craft on a level … Read More

JordanCall Me Coach

Fight Overwhelm: Make Magic

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*Register for Fiction’s Magic Ingredient today, receive a FREE 1-week intensive in December–your choice of 4. Ok, try a little experiment with me now: attempt to hold the entire world, plot, characters and landscape of your novel in your mind ALL AT ONCE. That’s right–can you see it all–every plot point and character nuance, every hint and image of foreshadowing, the visual and the thematic, the small and the large? Of course you can’t. (If you can: go get your brain studied) The writers I work with seem to share one common stumbling block, which trips them up before they finally master it: overwhelm. This overwhelm stems from a belief that a novel is written all at once–like a big ribbon unfurling from your  … Read More

JordanFight Overwhelm: Make Magic