Stronghold. Guest-post by Cindy Lamothe

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I sit and stare at the pervasive space filling Mr. Drake’s eighth grade literature class. Pimpled thirteen-year-olds gathered together in small groups at rounded tables—complaining as they write out their summer experiences with sharp leaded pencils. Stories of family vacations, parties, and summer camps abound—littering their essays with descriptions of movie theaters, Disney World, beaches, and baseball camp. My classmates chatter with each other about the latest gossip. Their golden skin and flip-flops speak of weekends spent at water parks, huddled over barbecues. They smell of cotton candy splash and strawberry sorbet. I notice their purple glittered nails and perfectly straightened hair as they smile coyly. I’m one of the three Hispanic students at my entire middle school, the biracial … Read More

JordanStronghold. Guest-post by Cindy Lamothe

Writing Your Truth

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                                For years people have said to me “You should write about your childhood!” And from their points of view, I understood why: raised by hippies in a culture of drugs, art, intellectualism and hedonism in Northern California, there’s a lot of rich ore to mine. But my childhood was not something I could write about directly; every entry point upset me, bored me, or filled me with anxiety. That’s partly because the story of my childhood is not just mine. There are a lot of people involved, not the least of whom are my parents, with whom I still have contact and love a … Read More

JordanWriting Your Truth