Fixing the Crack (on Perfectionism)

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Where my three year-old son’s closet door meets its edge, there is a crack. A tiny crack, barely enough to slide a thick piece of paper in. Like all closet doors, it simply doesn’t close perfectly. “Fix the crack,” he begs, last in a list of ritualistic requests he makes, stalling the moment when he is alone with himself and the dark (if you don’t count the 20 stuffed animals, two night-lights, six layers of blankets, tank of goldfish, white noise and more). And believe me, I don’t blame him for his dislike of the crack. In stories and, perhaps, somewhere deeper in our psyches, it is through cracks that monsters and ghosts, stealers of souls, and doppelgangers creep and … Read More

JordanFixing the Crack (on Perfectionism)

Sage Cohen Uses Both Sides of Her Brain: So Can You

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A Q &A with author Sage Cohenabout learning to place as much importance on process vs. results, using both sides of your brain, structuring your time wisely, and much more.

JordanSage Cohen Uses Both Sides of Her Brain: So Can You

In Praise of Zeal

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There are many kinds of writers, but a certain breed of them is gathering energy right now, building up storage for the long month of November, when they will eschew family, jobs and social mores to write 50,000 word novels just because. The fact that “Nanowrimo” is now a word more often recognized than not, is a testament to the power of creative zeal. It is the zealous who madly whip out novels in a matter of months or days, who carve out new paths toward publication with the mighty power of “whythehellnot!” in their pen. Not only have I been lucky to interview tons of these folks during my time as a contributing editor at Writer’s Digest magazine, but … Read More

JordanIn Praise of Zeal