Ski slope. Roulette wheel. Writing Prompt

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In keeping with my goal to write more fiction without any pressure, structure or guidelines, here’s day two of short prompt writing. Join me in the same prompt, or even take my short piece of writing as a starting point to prompt your own story!

Ski slope. Roulette wheel. Prompt from the Writing Prompts app, by

She stared down the slope of sleek gleaming white with a mixture of awe and ragged, pounding terror. The night sky bloomed with stars, so many, like a woman flaunting a neck full of diamonds. When was the last time she’d seen so much sky, wide open and unencumbered by the boxed edges of suburbia? In her life back home, sky was an afterthought, a measure of conditions that would effect plans.

While she appreciated the beauty of both vast sky and beckoning ski slope, these facts could not fix the dry mouth and panic sweat gathered beneath her polar fleece. He had coaxed her up here with so many certainties and reassurances and then he’d left her behind—shooting down the black diamond slope like a steel blade through butter.

She had no way of knowing if he’d purposely left her behind, to shame or, or if he thought her competitive streak would kick in and she’d muster sudden courage. All she wanted was to sip spiked cocoa at the lodge, but instead she was facing impossible choices with a roulette wheel’s odds: ski down and in all likelihood inure herself, or crawl pitifully down like some sad, beaten creature. As she stood contemplating these odds, the halogen lamps of the resort shining falsely clear alleys of light on the snow below, she heard what sounded like the cries of a child.

JordanSki slope. Roulette wheel. Writing Prompt