Ready, Set…Meditate


Today I begin a 30-Day meditation challenge. I think ‘challenge’ is not the right word, per se; perhaps “invitation” would suffice, but then again, challenges motivate people. I’ve been an intermittent meditator all my life, and I’m ready to commit. Like exercise, sometimes you just need to push, do it steadily and regularly so it becomes a habit. That’s my plan.  And to my great joy and surprise, many of you are planning to join me in this endeavor. To help us get started I thought I’d share some helpful posts on meditation and also remind you of the benefits.

Remember, meditating will not interfere with your religion, path, or lack thereof. If anything it will only deepen whatever you are connected to.

In addition, I’ll be journaling and blogging on what I learn through the process and invite you to do the same. Feel free to post your blog links in the comments each day.

Lastly, I’m adding in one more element- a kind of mental meditation: I will prevent myself from speaking badly or thinking badly of myself on this journey. I will turn away from those thoughts and work to keep those kinds of comments from coming out of my mouth, verbally or on social media.

With all that said, let’s begin!

There are LOTS of tips on meditation, but I’ll tell you the ones that I rely upon, and then I’ve linked to a bunch of great blog posts.

1. Always return to the breath. When you focus on breathing in and then breathing out, paying attention to how the air fills your lungs and then flows out again, you invite stillness.

2. Don’t try to STOP thinking; become aware that you ARE thinking. Then return to the breath.

3. When in doubt, feel your body. Focus on the sensation of energy traveling through your body.

4.  Observe, don’t judge. In other words notice: “That is happening,” vs. “what is happening is bad/good.” Return to the breath.

5. Set a timer if you feel uncertain about time. Start with small increments of time. No need to marathon-meditate.

6. If you don’t enjoy sitting or it’s uncomfortable, try walking meditation.

7. If you struggle with meditation in a regular setting, take it into nature. 

8.  There is NO failure. However your meditation went was exactly as it should have gone.


Some helpful meditation concepts:

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Blogs on how to/benefits of meditation:

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JordanReady, Set…Meditate