Writing the Intimate Character

Writing the Intimate Character

What makes a good story so compelling? Characters. Unforgettable, vivid, chatty, bold, wild, foolish, singular characters that are so authentic, so true and real, that you feel as if you’re living in their world—or, even better, inside of them. Strong point of view creates a powerful, sensory experience that draws readers into your characters’ inner landscape and confidently directs your audience to the story you’re trying to tell. When the masterful use of point of view is applied to a story, it won’t just tell readers about an experience; it will allow them to live it through a character.
Writing the Intimate Character eschews the dull, didactic explanations of point of view so commonly found in other writing texts. Instead you’ll discover a point-of-view system based on character cues: specific behaviors, sensory perceptions, dialogue, and visual imagery. Pre-Order Here.






Writing Deep Scenes

Writing Deep Scenes

Writing Deep Scenes combines the expertise of Martha Alderson (author of The Plot Whisperer series) and Jordan Rosenfeld (Make a Scene) and teaches you how to write strong, layered, and engaging scenes–the key to memorable, page-turning plots. It’s filled with practical tools for building layers and nuance into your scenes, employing the right scene types at the right junctures in the story, and developing a profound understanding of how plot and scene intertwine.


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A Writer’s Guide To Persistence

Persistence_CoverA Writer’s Guide to Persistence 
How to Create Lasting and Productive Writing Practice

A Writer’s Guide to Persistence is a toolkit to support you through the unique challenges of the literary art so that you can create a sustainable, long-term writing practice without being swayed by the constant changes, negative criticism, and doubts that come with the territory.

This book aims to help you feel comforted, supported, and less alone, and also offers practical tricks to free you from unproductive habits. It aims to get you back on your feet after a variety of crises and common writer calamities so that you can do the important writing you are meant to do and nourish your writer’s spirit. If you are called to write, you must take it seriously, and this book can help you do just that.


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Women in Red

Women in Red 

Dance like your life depends on it.

Dead-broke single mother Stella Russo, daughter of a world-class prima ballerina, has nearly given up on her own professional aspirations–much less true love–when a dazzling impromptu stunt by a mysterious troupe reminds her just how empowering performing onstage can be. Convincing herself that a dependable gig with such a company just might be the ticket to a better life for her musical-prodigy daughter and now-invalid mother, Stella takes a giant jeté of faith and joins up. But when she lands in the clutches of an enigmatic and demanding impresario bent on making her his star at any cost, has she risked too much? As Stella untwists the troupe’s troubling secrets, she becomes entangled in turns she could never imagine–and is forced to face her own past as well. Women in Red draws readers into the dark, dangerous, and dramatically sexy underworld of the dance–but also into the longing of every living, breathing being for a family of one’s own.

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Night Oracle

jr_nightoracle_coverNight Oracle 
Nan Troy’s dreams come true, but she sure as hell wishes they wouldn’t; they’re destroying her chances at love and the lives of those around her.
Cal Banks hates to close his eyes; that’s when the night terrors come, leaving him breathless and hollow as his past tries to catch up. He’s hounded by his crazy ex, his domineering sister, and the desperate patrons of his nightclub, The Nocturne. Fleeing day for the safe veil of night, Nan, a frustrated artist, is drawn to the moody ambience of Cal’s nightclub, and then by his magnetic allure.

Falling for each other is not in either of their plans. But neither is the sudden death of Cal’s former fling, which casts suspicion on Nan, nor the orphaned child with a claim to Nan’s past. As they spiral toward love, their attempts to untangle Nan’s dreams unleash a chain of events that imperils the child and Nan’s freedom. Nan will have to rely on a man she’s drawn to but barely knows, and the unpredictable oracle of her dreams, to save them all in this sexy novel of romantic suspense.


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Forged In Grace

jr_forgedingrace_coverJordan Rosenfeld’s luminous, edgy debut is dark, searingly-written and ultimately redemptive. Forged in Grace startled me at every breathtaking turn.”

Patry Francis, Orphans of Race Point

Forged in Grace is a beautiful, raw and affecting book.”

–Erika Mailman, The Witch’s Trinity.

Forged in Grace gives a new twist to the idea of reuniting with an old flame—literally. Exploring ruptured female friendships as in Leah Stewart’s The Myth of You and Me with the dark psychology (and twist of the inexplicable) found in Donna Tartt’s The Secret HistoryForged in Grace will resonate with anyone who has wanted to set the past right.


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Make a Scene

jr_makeascene_coverMake a Scene : Crafting a Powerful Story One Scene at a Time (Writer’s Digest Books)
Make a Scene takes you through the fundamentals of strong scene construction and explains how other essential fiction-writing techniques, such as character, plot, and dramatic tension, must function within the framework of individual scenes in order to provide substance and structure to the overall story. You’ll learn how to: • Craft an opening scene that hooks readers and foreshadows supporting scenes • Develop various scene types – from the suspenseful to the dramatic to the contemplative – that are distinct and layered • Tailor character and plot around specific scene types to better convey the nuances of your storyline • Create resonating climactic and final scenes that stay with readers long after they’ve finished your work


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Write Free 

jr_writefree_coverWrite Free: Attracting the Creative Life With Rebecca Lawton (BeijaFlor Books)
Equal parts writer’s workshop and spiritual journey, this open-hearted guide will show you how to attain and sustain the creative life you desire. Based on a time-tested principle and using methods pioneered by the authors, Write Free provides a wealth of inspiration, advice, and activities. Exploring how we attract the conditions and events in our lives, Write Free is an invaluable aid for writers, creative souls, and others who want to envision and achieve the inspired life of their dreams.


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Milk & Ink

jr_milkink_coverMilk & Ink : A Mosaic of Motherhood An Anthology with Eros-Alegra Clarke & Tomi Wiley James
We believe that a mother’s achievements serve as a template of possibility for our children’s lives. Milk and Ink: A Mosaic of Motherhood is an anthology comprised of writing mothers who have gathered their words to celebrate the duality and intensity of being both mother and writer; it aims to appeal to mothers of all stripes, whether they write or not. Milk and Ink will feature new and established writers including Rebecca Lawton, Caroline Leavitt, Ellen Meister, Justine Musk, Tracey Slaughter and more, with a wide scope of experience, ethnicity and points of view, featuring poetry, fiction, and essays. While Milk & Ink focuses on the experience of motherhood, we also hope that our stories speak to everyone: fathers, daughters, and sons. Milk and Ink is the brainchild of Eros-Alegra Clarke, grand prize winner of the 76th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition.


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