Plot Intensive is Back. August 19-Oct.14, 2013

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Busy writers don’t always have time to sit in a classroom to improve their fiction.

Jordan’s Writing Intensives are a unique, online blend of personal feedback, student interaction, and tailored lessons for the writer who is committed to the next level of craft.

These courses blend coaching and writing, as students receive direct feedback from Jordan as well as benefit from interaction with each other, video chat, and more.

*All students receive a free copy of the book of their choice upon registering for Jordan’s classes.! $30 discount for all returning students! (*one-week intensives excluded).

The Plot Intensive is back! 8 weeks. August 19-October 14, 2013.

Over-plotter, under-plotter? Struggles with plot are common among writers at all levels. This online intensive will change the way you approach plotting altogether, and thus your writing. A good plot is a journey of transformation for your character. Every memorable novel is both one of action and event, as well as emotional transformation. We tell and read stories to learn, explore, escape, and discover. This class will teach you how to write characters who transform, and refocus your story on compelling action, appropriate drama, and strong scenes.

You’ll learn (and apply to either a work in progress or a new project):

  • The basics of plotting: what it is, and what it’s not, as well as how you relate to it
  • A strong, successful plot structure that will not fail you, and how to work your story goals into it
  • Your characters’ fears, flaws, and motivations
  • How to keep a plot tense and memorable
  • The significance of the hero’s journey and how it can help you write a character readers won’t soon forget

You can participate to your own level in online discussion and the assignments are weekly and self-paced for busy, working people.

Register by July 15th, and receive the earlybird discount of $20 off.


JordanPlot Intensive is Back. August 19-Oct.14, 2013