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Today I offer a writing exercise: In my book Make A Scene I offer the following “ingredients” that most good scenes require: -Characters (who are complex and layered) -A consistent Point of View (the “lens” through which information is filtered) -Action (significant and plot worthy) -New Plot information (that advances your story forward and fills in clues) -Conflict and drama that tests your characters -A rich, physical setting -Spare amount of narrative summary So, here’s a challenge for you. Grab a scene out of anything you’ve written. It should be at least a couple pages in length. Now, using the ingredients list, go through and label the parts of your scene. See if anything is missing and if it might … Read More

JordanExercise Your Pen

Seeking Charitable Orgs for Children


I am looking for a REPUTABLE children’s charity–one that has financial transparency and which feeds and clothes underpriveleged children in the United States. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Jordan

JordanSeeking Charitable Orgs for Children



I’m grateful to all those people who’ve contributed to my journey as a writer over the years, from mentors in college who had no idea what they were encouraging when they complimented my early attempts at fiction, to editors who have helped polish up my books. Also to my many colleagues and friends on the path, the list would be too long to read, but I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, and for the writing life. Have a wonderful holiday! Thank you Jordan


Sneak Preview: Interview with Litpark’s Susan Henderson

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Today Rebecca Lawton, my co-editor of the Write Free e-newsletter, and I are doing something we’ve never done before–offering a sneak preview of the November/December 2008 issue’s Creative Interview with Susan Henderson. Though the newsletter is free, you do have to SUBSCRIBE to read its contents. But since Susan rarely toots her own horn, we wanted to make sure that fans of Susan’s and of Litpark could read her interview here. From the Write Free e-newsletter: SUSAN HENDERSON is a contributor to National Public Radio’s newest literary venture, DimeStories, produced by Jay Allison of This I Believe, and is the recipient of an Academy of American Poets award and a grant from the Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation. Her work has been nominated twice for … Read More

JordanSneak Preview: Interview with Litpark’s Susan Henderson

Write Free

JordanWrite Free

We writers have to work on our craft if we hope to be published, there’s no way around it. But in our hustle to get published, we often forget the bliss of being creative–the force that drove many of us to write in the first place. Creativity is at the heart of my work with author Rebecca Lawton, and the root of our book Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life. Our FREE e-newsletter will be going out next week and I’d hate for you to miss out on this issue (back issues can be purchased for a small fee through our archives), which focuses on creative courage. Subscribing is easy and you can always change your mind and unsubscribe at … Read More

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The Perils and Purpose of the Intuitive Writer


I’ve edited hundreds of manuscripts by now, and the aggregate number of writers who come to me write just like I used to, by intuition–which is to say they have an internalized sense of what makes a story or novel  work and run from there. Ater the story has been birthed they seek feedback and THEN discover what craft elements they still have to beef up on or have missed altogether. I actually think this is a wonderful method of writing. These writers press on without the critic or the censor stopping their flow, doing what some of the most diligent writers never do: get a first draft down in a reasonable amount of time. However, the problem with this method, if you can call … Read More

JordanThe Perils and Purpose of the Intuitive Writer