Masterful Fiction Series, 2014

Now you can improve, polish and hone your writing in Home-Study with this quartet of intimate, online writing courses created by Jordan E. Rosenfeld, author of Make a Scene, Write Free (with Rebecca Lawton) and the forthcoming Deep Scenes (with Martha Alderson) and A Writer’s Guide to Persistence. These courses are designed to take you through four crucial elements of fiction on your road to becoming a published author, for writers of all levels. NOW HALF OFF FOR HOME-STUDY.

For half the cost of the original courses, you’ll receive membership to private Facebook group for each course, in which you can ask questions and discuss the topic at any time for up to 6 months after you purchase. At the end of your home-study, you will also receive a 1-hour consultation via phone, Skype or G+ chat with Jordan.

If you’ve never taken one of Jordan’s courses, consider taking them in the order they are listed. However, you are welcome to take each individual course as it suits your needs and can go back and take one you missed at any time. Or, purchase the Master Package at once for an even more generous discount.

Courses are listed as they are intended to be taken, not by date.
Please check dates beside each class description.

 Scene Stealer

8 weeks, self-paced with weekly assignments and discussion via Facebook Group.

Keep readers interested, engaged and turning pages by writing lively, complex scenes that grip the reader’s attention and plunge them into your work. This course will transform the way you write scenes, the essential DNA of strong scenes.

Over 8 weeks you’ll learn how to:

  • Demystify the core elements of a scene
  • Activate dull, flat or flabby writing into textured, page-turning prose
  • Demonstrate compelling characters & their discoveries in action
  • Use scenes to build a strong plot
  • Write gripping, page-turning fiction that people can’t put down

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The Plot Intensive

8 weeks, self-paced with weekly assignments and discussion via Facebook Group.

Over-plotter, under-plotter? Struggles with plot are common among writers at all levels. This online intensive will help you assess, curb and change your plotting habits. A strong plot is a journey of transformation for your character. Every memorable novel is both one of action and event, as well as emotional transformation. We tell and read stories to learn, explore, escape, and discover. This class will teach you how to write characters who transform, and refocus your story on compelling action, appropriate drama, and strong scenes. Apply to a work in progress or a new project:

  • The basics of plotting and how it should transform both character and reader
  • A strong, successful plot backbone that will not fail you
  • Your characters’ fears, flaws, and motivations
  • How to keep plot tension high


Page-Turning Tension

4 weeks, self-paced with weekly assignments and discussion via Facebook Group.

“Tension on every page is a technique that keeps readers glued to a novel, even in the absence of artistic prose, rich atmosphere, complex characters and lofty themes. It is the application of macroconflict on a microscale.” –Donald Maass, Writing the Breakout Novel.

This four week class is an intensive on tension in fiction—that tight-wire energy that keeps readers turning pages at a furious pace, making your fiction impossible to put down.You may already be a master of scenes, of quirky characters and complex plots…but if tension is missing from your work, your stories will still be facing rejection and reader dissatisfaction.

This class will offer ways to infuse tension into:

  • Every Scene
  • Flat, dull or lackluster Exposition
  • Character Dialogue/Interactions
  • Plot events
  • Language


Revise for Publication

4 weeks, self-paced with weekly assignments and discussion via Facebook Group.

It’s been said that real writing is in the revising. This class will help any writer with the goal of publication learn to love revision by breaking it down into simple, successful strategies and tools.

This 6 week class is for anyone who wants to revise a draft of a novel or story with the goal of publication in sight.

At the end of this class you will have tackled revision issues within your work and will be able to embrace remaining revision with a positive attitude.

You’ll learn:

  • Four simple strategies for revising in “waves”
  • Quick and easy methods for sharpening and tightening
  • Painless ways to cut and pare
  • The difference between “tinkering” and “transforming”
  • A painless plot overhaul


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Four Class Pack

 First Annual Writerpath Plot and Scene Retreat, 2014

with Martha Alderson & Jordan E. Rosenfeld

wp_main_logoFrom Friday, May 30th to Sunday June 1st, 2014, you’ll be the first to apply NEW material from Martha Alderson, & Jordan Rosenfeld’s forthcoming book, DEEP SCENES: Plotting Your Story, Scene-by-Scene Through Action, Emotion & Theme. Over the course of the weekend you’ll learn how to identify and write the key lynch-pin scenes that build a page-turning story, master crucial scene types, and go deeper into your plot by applying the three key layers that run through all great fiction: Action, Emotion & Theme.

You’ll be deep in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains, surrounded by forest, woodland creatures, beautiful open vistas and the necessary silence to help you replenish.  Whether revising or beginning a new project, you’ll emerge with a mastery of your plot, a scene tracker, and a calm, quiet, nourished soul.

Learn More & Register Here. 

Lodging and food included in cost.

Upcoming Writing Classes with Amy McElroy:

Amy McElroy is a writer, freelance editor, writing coach, and yoga instructor. Previously, she taught writing as an assistant in the Writing Center and in the classroom, at Gavilan College. She was also an attorney in another lifetime.  She has published numerous personal essays in print and online periodicals, such as Milk and Ink: Family in the Extreme.  She also read her work periodically on KUSP, an independent radio station in Santa Cruz, California.  Her blog-posts can be found at,  a writer’s collective for indie authors.

 Luscious Language: Creating More Powerful Imagery and Sensory Description

Does your writing feedback continue to say, “show, don’t tell?”  Through short weekly assignments, expand your use of metaphor, convey emotion, and enliven other observations.  Explore the five senses to lure in readers, making them feel present. Post your own questions on the convenient discussion board, where will address dead verbs, empty adjectives, and other danger zones to avoid while you learn to spice up your language. Contact Amy: amyjmcelroy (at) verizon (dot) net.

Luscious Language : $129
4 Weeks, beginning January 15, 2014.
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 Memoir Fundamentals: A Solid Foundation for Walking Your Own Path

Whether your memoir is a three-page essay or a three hundred-page manuscript, this class will help you tackle the fundamental issues of the genre.  Through short weekly assignments, we will study the following: (1) the need for a narrative arc within the memoir; (2) issues of voice; (3) how powerful, imagistic language creates strong settings and allows readers to identify with narrators; and (4) the use of appropriate dialogue and tags to support the narrative and to create strong character description. Post your own questions on the convenient discussion board, where we will address privacy concerns, potential impact on writer-subject relationships, “what is truth?” etc.

Memoir Fundamentals: $129
 4 Weeks, beginning January 15, 2014. 
Contact Amy: amyjmcelroy (at) verizon (dot) net.
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