Monday Round-up

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I’m just home and still processing a powerful four-day writing and manifestation yoga retreat I attended in Vermont with Jen Pastiloff and author Emily Rapp. For reasons I’m still putting together, the week before the retreat found me in a state of very high anxiety, most of it self-created. Anxiety about work and deadlines, anxiety about being away from home and family, anxiety about flying red-eye and not sleeping, and anxiety because of a terrible, sudden death of a beautiful acquaintance of mine.

I’m deeply grateful to my husband for being on duty for four days with our son so I could go to spectacular Stowe, Vermont and truly relax, replenish and fill my spirit back up again. I didn’t realize how hard I’ve been working this past year until I stopped, really stopped. I did no work, very little writing, and a lot of just being. I connected with some like minded souls and got back in touch with the sound of my breath, the shush of wind through trees, the cascade of rain on a roof. I even rode a horse without a saddle!

Until I can really put the experience into words, I’m just going to leave you with a round-up of recently published pieces of mine that just happen to deal with Motherhood.

Not a PTA Mom–New York Times

Why I Won’t Regret Having Only One Child–Role/Reboot

Origins of My Anger–Brain, Child


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