Grace for Mighty Milo!

JordanForged in Grace, General

There’s nothing like a baby to rally people to a cause, and that’s a darn good thing. I’m here to tell you about “Mighty” Milo, the grand-nephew and grandson of two friends of mine who was born with a serious heart and tracheal condition on May 16. In his little more than two weeks of life he’s undergone open heart surgery among other things, and has been slowly weaning off the “ECMO” life support machine. His parents haven’t been able to hold him since he was 4 days old. BUT, he’s a fighter! And he’s got people fighting and praying and loving for him all over the place. He gets stronger every day.

Nonetheless, his parents have taken time off from their jobs to be with him, as have his grandparents and many other family members, as every precious minute they get with him is important. Babies respond to the sounds of their loved ones, and Milo needs them.

To support the Mighty Milo Fund, I’m donating $1/book for every copy of Forged in Grace, which is, coincidentally, a book about healing wounds, that any of you buy, paperback or e-copy. Between now and June 30th, I make that pledge.

So you can support Milo by spending a few bucks on a good book, or you can donate directly to his fund.

Many thanks for your support. Please share the word.


JordanGrace for Mighty Milo!