Day 27: Countdown to Publication Giveaway: Forged in Grace

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My friends, every day a new kindness blows my mind in this journey to becoming a published novelist. Unexpected champions, new readers, and people who find something I never knew was in my own work. You have all been so kind to me as I release my book into the world. In the life of an author the most powerful and important person is YOU: the reader. Exciting things are in the works: my audio-book is being produced RIGHT NOW for those of you who like a book to listen to while driving or exercising. You’ll be able to download it through Audible within the next month or less! AND, we’ve got new books coming out at Christina Mercer’s YA fantasy, Arrow of the Mist, and Julia Park Tracey’s contemporary novel Tongues of Angels.

Tomorrow is an important day for me. If you have not already purchased a copy of Forged in Grace, and you plan to, it will be great if you can do so tomorrow!

Your thoughts and opinions about my work make or break it! I want to remind you that when you do love a book, reviewing it (at, at, at and telling others about is a most super helpful practice to support those books.

It’s been a joy having 20 authors share their work with you for the past month, and I hope new reader/author relationships were born.

Today I’m giving away e-copies of Forged in Grace.

Thanks again, friends!

Your Question of the Day: On what Christian Holiday does Dante’s Inferno begin?

About Forged in Grace:

At age 15, a horrific fire left Grace Jensen scarred and highly sensitive to the pain of anyone she touches. Thirteen years later, living with her hoarder mother and half-in-love with her former doctor, her long-absent best friend, Marly Kennet, returns to town and convinces Grace to make a leap-of-faith trip to Las Vegas. There, Grace discovers she doesn’t only feel others’ pain, she can heal it. This healing gift soon turns darker when the truth of Marly’s past and the fire that scarred Grace is revealed, pushing the boundaries of loyalty and exposing both women to danger.

About me:

Jordan E. Rosenfeld is an author, writing coach, editor and freelance journalist. She earned her MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars and is the author of the writing guides, Make A Scene: Crafting a Powerful Story One Scene at a Time (Writer’s Digest Books) and Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life with Rebecca Lawton (BeijaFlor Books). Jordan’s essays and articles have appeared in such publications as, Publisher’s Weekly, The San Francisco Chronicle, The St. Petersburg Times, The Writer and Writer’s Digest magazine. Her book commentaries have appeared on The California Report, a news-magazine produced by NPR-affiliate KQED radio. She lives in Northern California with her superhero-obsessed son and psychologist husband. She is co-founder of Her personal website is:

JordanDay 27: Countdown to Publication Giveaway: Forged in Grace