Day 23: Countdown to Publication Giveaway. Milk & Ink, a Mosaic of Motherhood.

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Day 23 winners, today’s book, Milk & Ink: A Mosaic of Motherhood, is a project very close to my heart. I was lucky to be part of this beautiful project, which was my dear friend Alegra Clarke’s brainchild.

Question of the Day (Please answer in the comments here):  Which author, who is herself married to another well-known author, has written a series of “Mommy-track” mysteries? Give me her name and one of her book titles.

About Milk & Ink

Culturally, the image of the mother is often perched atop a pedestal of purity–she is supposed to be long-suffering, patient, never ruffled, always available, unconditional, and beaming white light. But there is another side. Many women find that motherhood challenges them with a scale of extremes love and terror, joy and frustration, inspiration and exhaustion. They discover that to have a child means to live with their hearts outside of their bodies. It also means navigating what can feel like a great divide between caring for their children and caring for themselves as individuals. Mothers are often doing invisible work, work that rarely gets rewarded. Mothers struggle to find balance between attentive parenting and the pursuit of their individual dreams. We believe that a mother achievements serve as a template of possibility for our children lives. If there one prime lesson a woman learns when she becomes a mother it that she won make it very far through these challenges without the support of other mothers. Milk and Ink: A Mosaic of Motherhood is an anthology comprised of writing mothers who have gathered their words to celebrate the duality and intensity of being both mother and writer; it aims to appeal to mothers of all stripes, whether they write or not.

Milk and Ink features established and emerging authors with a wide scope of experience, ethnicity and points of view, and features poetry, fiction, and essays. Profits from the sale of the anthology in 2010 were given to Mama Hope.

About Eros-Alegra Clarke

Eros-Alegra Clarke is mother to a wild tribe of three, a sometime surfer, and wife to a husband who qualifies for sainthood. She won the 76th Annual Writer’s Digest grand prize for her personal essay, “Salamander Prayer.” Her prize for that included a publishing package through Outskirts Press, which she used to publish Milk & Ink. She also placed in the 4th Annual Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards. She has been published in The Bitter Oleander, Literary MamaWaikato TimesFlash40 and wrote as a columnist for The Motherhood Muse. She regularly contributed articles and interviews to Editor Unleashed, nominated by Writer’s Digest for the top 101 Best Websites for Writers.  She curated and edited Milk & Ink: A Mosaic of Motherhood and can be found blogging about life, writing, and motherhood at and My Big Leap at

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JordanDay 23: Countdown to Publication Giveaway. Milk & Ink, a Mosaic of Motherhood.