Day 13: Countdown to Publication Giveaway: Bud Smith, Or Something Like That

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Welcome to Day 13 of the Countdown to Publication Giveaway for Forged in Grace! The truth is, today you can actually purchase Forged in Grace for your kindle, kobo, ipad, iphone and any other e-reader. But we’re still counting down to the print copy on February 28th!

Today you can win a print and e-copy of Bud Smith’s collection of stories, Or Something Like That.

Question of the Day:  Which novelist recently won the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for her novel that explored the way technology is changing us? I need the author’s name and the book title.

About Bud Smith

Bud Smith is a writer from Washington Heights, New York City where he parks his car on the street and can never find it. He listens to a lot of records, references Clockwork Orange and Joy Division too much: sleeps heavy. In 2013, his first novel Tollbooth will be released from Piscataway House Publishing. He also edits for art meets lit anthology Uno Kudo created to raise money for charity through its sales. He also hosts the radio interview program The Unknown Show. Follow him on Twitter @bud_smith if you like to laugh. Visit for short stories/poems, etc.

Or Something Like That:

Or Something Like That is a collection of off-kilter short stories. Humorous, dark, dreamlike, odd. A stalker comes into your house while you sleep & does your dishes & your taxes because he loves you. One aggravated dog and a belligerently drunken ghost wage war over the living room couch.A man deals with his girlfriend’s cat, who just so happens to be a blood muzzled lion. Want to learn how to use a Tiger Tank to rob a bank to fund your vacation to Fiji? What will you do when Aunt Joan calls up on a broken cellphone & gives you the winning lottery numbers from beyond the grave? Meet two donuts who fall in love and try to avoid the big hands. Come on a date to a supper club where the massive speaker cabinets might make your head explode when the band takes the stage. A wild ride with minimal seasickness, here are 40 stories that will surprise, entertain and probably do your taxes for you while you sleep.


JordanDay 13: Countdown to Publication Giveaway: Bud Smith, Or Something Like That