Currying Favor: Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Forged in Grace.

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No one said that writing, or rather, receiving feedback would be easy. A writer who wants to submit anywhere, from literary journals to agents/publishers, has to grow the thickest of skins. I grow layer after layer of those gummy membranes that form on your hot chocolate after too long–not really an armor, and sometimes, the membrane rips, but I always grow a new one.

So I’m here to ask for the public, with its sometimes bloodthirsty desire to weigh in and pass judgment, for a favor.

My novel, Forged in Grace, has made it through to the quarter-finals in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, 2013. That means in my category of General Fiction, out of 1,000 entrants, I am one of 100 finalists.

Now it is in your hands to help us get to the finals. It’s a powerful feeling isn’t it? If you’d like to help Forged in Grace win, please go here to download and review the excerpt. You don’t even have to read the whole book (though I’ll be grateful if you do).

My dreams are in your hands!

With deep gratitude,


JordanCurrying Favor: Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Forged in Grace.