Contest: Why Writing Matters

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Last week I posted a blog entry with 10 Reasons Why Writing Matters (Even When You’re Still Unpublished). Now, exciting news: I’m hosting a contest that opens tomorrow (August 15) and ends on September 30th. Send me your most original paragraph on why one of the following reasons is true for you–examples appreciated–and you will be put into a drawing to win a free spot in any one of my forthcoming 1-week intensives in December.

Submission guidelines:
Use the contact form here at the website to submit your paragraph. If your paragraph won’t fit, please email jordansmuse(at)gmail(dot)com. Please include your name and an email address so I can contact you!

Jordan’s Reasons to Write:
Creativity has been proven to have positive effects on health, self-esteem and vitality
Writing is good for your brain, creates a state similar to meditation
Writing hones your powers of observation, giving you a fuller experience of life
Writing hones your powers of concentration and attention, which is more fractured than ever thanks to technology and TV
Writing connects you with others through blogging, writing groups, live readings, and self-publishing outlets like Scribd and Smashwords.
Through writing we preserve stories and memories that may otherwise be lost
Writing entertains you and others, and having fun is an important part of good health
Writing strengthens your imagination, and imagination is key to feeling hope and joy
Writing helps heal and process wounds and grief, clearing them out
Life is too short not to do what you enjoy

JordanContest: Why Writing Matters