A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without ever putting a word to paper.

–E.B. White

JordanA Writer's Guide to Persistence, Business of Writing

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Beneath platform and marketing, blog tours and amazon rankings, beyond indie or Big 5, copyrights and options, your twitter stream and facebook feed, after feedback and criticism…your success depends on your love of the craft, plus fortitude, plus your ability to see long-term rewards, to love the damn journey in all its cranky, dragon-breathing, harrowing, maddening, thrilling, awe-inspiring, baffling beauty.

If you’re stuck on the fear, the anxiety, the certainty that you’re a fraud, the anguish of being seen, or  the terror of vulnerability you owe it to yourself to ask why. Why am I stuck? How can I unstick? What might happen if I plunge deeper into the abyss of these scary places? The dark is never as dark as you think. The terror never as fresh the deeper in you go. The anticipation is always worse than the act.

We can’t run from ourselves, not really, not in the end. Even our distractions give out and give way. Eventually there’s only you and your art, you and yourself, you and your maker.

Don’t have the time? It’s there to be made. Don’t have the energy? Rest until you find it. Don’t have the support? Do it quietly to yourself.

You want to write? Write. You want to speak? Speak. You want to create? Create. You’re worth it. Someone is listening. If it’s your gift, then it’s also your duty to create it, craft it, share it.

No one will do it for you. No one will hold you accountable if you don’t do it, except yourself.

JordanConditions are Never Ideal: Write Anyway