The Write Work

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“You bring to your writing, your art, and your stories a piece of yourself. In return, the act of creating gives you the possibility of something even greater: true transformation.” I’ve come to an unavoidable crux in working with writing clients. It is my job to advise and critique on the nature of making a work of writing closer to publishable. It is my hope and desire, as it is my clients’, that they shall publish—most of them through mainstream channels—their beloved works. And yet a greater truth has been stalking me, circling me through the brush of my own awareness that there is more to writing than getting published and I’m working to find the perfect way to express … Read More

JordanThe Write Work

Turn Inward: Make Your Own Noise

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It’s been awhile since I’ve presented my Reasons To Write series…mostly because I have been writing and working and a lot of other things, so it’s good. But lately I’ve been feeling the strain of information again upon me—the strangely addictive cycle of spending lots of time on Facebook, reading my tweetstream, getting most of my news, and lots of interesting articles on the arts, even reading books online or on my SmartPhone. After too much of this, I begin to feel like Gulliver attacked on all sides by Lilliputians, pulling on me, tugging me down and in so many directions that even when I’m really doing nothing, I feel tired. I can feel my synapses beginning to hold up … Read More

JordanTurn Inward: Make Your Own Noise

To Thine Own Self…

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I had the great fortune to be a presenter this past weekend at the Central Coast Writer’s Conference in Morro Bay. It’s a funny thing to be a presenter in the years since my book Make a Scene was published. I’ve been an attendee plenty of times, and like many of you I am still on the hard scrabble journey to publish my fiction, even though I’ve published two non-fiction books, short stories, and articles. There’s this invisible line that exists in the minds of the non-published…they are on one side of it, and you the published people, on the other, more hallowed side of it, and thus are somehow “better.” I’ve never liked these kinds of lines, and when … Read More

JordanTo Thine Own Self…

What Slug-Bug Can Teach You About Writing

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Have you ever played the game “slug-bug”?  You know, on a long road trip with a sibling or a friend, every time you see a Volkswagon Bug (or whatever your vehicle of choice), you have to punch your friend on the shoulder? And how, after awhile, your arm all tensed up waiting for the sting of that fist on your shoulder-meat, it seems like all you see on the road are VW bugs? Okay, so maybe your car pasttimes were more civilized, but here’s where I’m going to make this about writing… Being a writing coach, I hear a lot from my clients on their bad days…how far from done they feel, how much they think they have to learn, how … Read More

JordanWhat Slug-Bug Can Teach You About Writing

Raising a Man

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I am raising a man. Despite that he is three, a sweet-cheeked little tyke with cowlicks who likes to cuddle his mama and sleeps with a horde of stuffed animals, I try to remember this every day. Though this man-in-progress is just as prone to ask to wear his fairy wings as he is to turn his dinner sausages into things that shoot, I feel a wretched kind of tenderness watching him move from baby to boy—from a being who has very little consciousness of his gender to one who, at age three, already has gleaned that the culture around him says “pink is for girls,” “boys are naughty” and other such gems. Regularly, I hear terrible things said of … Read More

JordanRaising a Man


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This is supposed to be the second blog about writing and creativity today, but I am sidetracked by things I’ve been reading about grief, about how we force our children to Learn and Achieve when what they need is to be Seen and Loved. I’m derailed by my three year-old son’s sweaty nape at naptime, how he pulls me in close for a big kiss and several hugs—actions that already feel fleeting…(how long does a boy want his mama to cuddle him?); the way he comes wandering down the hallway looking for his “baby kitty” so he can nap safely. I’m remembering my own brother, similarly a sweet little tow-head at the same age, waking teenaged me up by banging … Read More


Build Brain Power through Writing

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You may not have heard, but I’m hosting a contest to win a free spot in one of my 1-week online writing intensives (December). All you have to do is submit a paragraph to me telling me why you write—hint: answers that have to do with how meaningful it is, and what it offers your heart/spirit vs. ego, are more likely to win me over. You simply post your paragraph in the “contact” space provided, or you may do so as a comment. Just make sure I know how to contact you. My ten favorites will be published on the blog. My number 1 favorite wins a class. To help stoke your creative fires, I’ll post a blog for each … Read More

JordanBuild Brain Power through Writing