Why Write? The Point of Persistence

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This week my author copies of A Writer’s Guide to Persistence arrived in the mail and with them, that surreal bewilderment of time having sped up so fast that it felt as though I had jumped into the future in a blink. Wasn’t I just dreaming up the idea as a series of journal entries and blog posts meant to cheer myself out of a funk? Hadn’t I just gotten the news from Writer’s Digest Books that they would buy this idea borne out of hope and joy? Wasn’t I just plunking out the first draft, knuckling through the revision? Yes. Yes. And yes. This book’s birth has felt so fast, and frankly so easy because I undertook the whole process with little pressure on myself … Read More

JordanWhy Write? The Point of Persistence

On Getting Lost: Fighting Perfectionism

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If you’re anything like me, you are a perfectionist in disguise. I keep a messy desk. I am the queen of clutter piles. I don’t need my house to be clean. You will find sticky puddles of things in my refrigerator. I forgive easily. I hug a lot. I don’t look like a perfectionist. It’s all on the inside. There’s an engine of “must” driving me at all times, forcing me into schedules and routines that are painful–literally, my head will hurt–when I am asked to change them. A good friend of mine recently witnessed a near melt-down as she invited me to dinner in place of my usual exercise routine. But the place it used to hamper me the … Read More

JordanOn Getting Lost: Fighting Perfectionism

Don’t Worry. Just Write.

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The crashing tides of social media, where many voices urge us writers to use the many online streams as tool for self-promotion, have made it hard for me to hear another, stronger voice that has been speaking  inside me. It says: “Don’t worry. Just write.” Every time I panic that I haven’t blogged or tweeted enough, that I haven’t branded myself powerfully, there it is, a gentle sigh, a feather brush: Don’t worry. Just write. It’s not that I don’t believe in social media. Self-promotion is clearly important in this new dawn of publishing. Connecting and branding are real and make a quantifiable difference in selling books and getting read. But there’s nothing to promote if we don’t write it. And when I say writing, I mean connecting … Read More

JordanDon’t Worry. Just Write.

The Write Work

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“You bring to your writing, your art, and your stories a piece of yourself. In return, the act of creating gives you the possibility of something even greater: true transformation.” I’ve come to an unavoidable crux in working with writing clients. It is my job to advise and critique on the nature of making a work of writing closer to publishable. It is my hope and desire, as it is my clients’, that they shall publish—most of them through mainstream channels—their beloved works. And yet a greater truth has been stalking me, circling me through the brush of my own awareness that there is more to writing than getting published and I’m working to find the perfect way to express … Read More

JordanThe Write Work