Fight Overwhelm: Make Magic

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*Register for Fiction’s Magic Ingredient today, receive a FREE 1-week intensive in December–your choice of 4. Ok, try a little experiment with me now: attempt to hold the entire world, plot, characters and landscape of your novel in your mind ALL AT ONCE. That’s right–can you see it all–every plot point and character nuance, every hint and image of foreshadowing, the visual and the thematic, the small and the large? Of course you can’t. (If you can: go get your brain studied) The writers I work with seem to share one common stumbling block, which trips them up before they finally master it: overwhelm. This overwhelm stems from a belief that a novel is written all at once–like a big ribbon unfurling from your  … Read More

JordanFight Overwhelm: Make Magic

Writing. Practice.

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Recently I started taking yoga again. I’ve never been terribly consistent about yoga, and always admire the lithe, wiry people who seem to defy gravity in their poses, arms holding up their entire bodies; legs that seem strong enough to carry the whole class. These are the people who refer to yoga as a “practice”—a concept that seems to run so much deeper than just “I take yoga classes.” I picture them holding tree pose while they brush their teeth, doing downward dog as they tie their children’s shoes. But what I never imagine are these practitioners of yoga madly doing Sun Salutes or Forward Folds on their way to a finish line, or expecting to be crowned Most Yogic … Read More

JordanWriting. Practice.

Abandon the Bloodless Pursuit…

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Here’s a question you don’t hear asked often in today’s writing/publishing climate: What if the only end result of writing was to tell a wonderful story to an audience? And what if that “audience” was as small as a circle of a dozen friends, or a social group, or a family gathering? Would you still write? I ask myself this question more and more as I watch the illusion of a “big payout” in the publishing world glimmer as though in a distant galaxy, winking in and out of clarity. Big Name Writers are walking away from Big Money at Big Publishers to sell directly to the people, and,  thanks to the rise of the e-reader, the little people are … Read More

JordanAbandon the Bloodless Pursuit…