The “Write” Way to Feel

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I have been really scared this week. I have been sad. For reasons global and personal. But until today, I didn’t really let my body in on the information that’s been stuck in my brain and heart. I got up like usual and then a few hours after waking, began to feel a little odd. Like a virus coming on. Achy, cold, tired. I let myself go back to bed, let my husband take over with our son. And as I heard the garage door close after they left, all of a sudden, tears eked out the corners of my eyes, easing slightly a heaviness I didn’t even realize was in my chest. In the face of great loss and … Read More

JordanThe “Write” Way to Feel

Prop Love

JordanPersonal Essay

“…I could think of only one solution.  I went to the grounds of the University at the edge of the duck pond where he’d once seduced me with a necklace and murmurings of how different I was from other girls. Though I hadn’t ever liked it I felt sorry for the ring, for how it had failed to keep Martin and me together. How it had never had a chance to sit on a married girl’s finger and never would. I threw it into the pond and imagined its slow descent to the mucky bottom. It wasn’t a gracious end, but at the time I was thinking like a serial killer: if neither of us could keep it, then no … Read More

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