One Thing at a Time

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I often read two books at a time: one on my kindle, one in hard copy—their different tones competing for space in my head. I almost always work on more than one freelance project in a given week, and really, most of the time, I’m gnawing on multiple pieces of my own fiction. To be really honest, I often have my phone, my kindle and my laptop all spread out on the couch before me in the wee hours before my son wakes.  And  how many times do I find myself toting a child who is really too old to be carried anymore, a shopping bag, my purse, and a sweaty brow? Imagine what our lives would be like if we did only one thing … Read More

JordanOne Thing at a Time

To Thine Own Self…

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I had the great fortune to be a presenter this past weekend at the Central Coast Writer’s Conference in Morro Bay. It’s a funny thing to be a presenter in the years since my book Make a Scene was published. I’ve been an attendee plenty of times, and like many of you I am still on the hard scrabble journey to publish my fiction, even though I’ve published two non-fiction books, short stories, and articles. There’s this invisible line that exists in the minds of the non-published…they are on one side of it, and you the published people, on the other, more hallowed side of it, and thus are somehow “better.” I’ve never liked these kinds of lines, and when … Read More

JordanTo Thine Own Self…

Raising a Man

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I am raising a man. Despite that he is three, a sweet-cheeked little tyke with cowlicks who likes to cuddle his mama and sleeps with a horde of stuffed animals, I try to remember this every day. Though this man-in-progress is just as prone to ask to wear his fairy wings as he is to turn his dinner sausages into things that shoot, I feel a wretched kind of tenderness watching him move from baby to boy—from a being who has very little consciousness of his gender to one who, at age three, already has gleaned that the culture around him says “pink is for girls,” “boys are naughty” and other such gems. Regularly, I hear terrible things said of … Read More

JordanRaising a Man

Soft Landing

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I think of the old adage: “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” As a writer, I know how untrue this is. Words are at best, beauty, and at worst, weapons. We often wield them clumsily. When fueled by emotion they are often the most painful sort of cudgels and knives, driving into the soft spots inside us, opening up our wounds. And yet, no matter how many times my words have failed me, or been turned against me, or others’ words have come splintering out of the silence in sharp and unexpected shards, I still turn back to them time and time again. Those of us driven to understand use words as our … Read More

JordanSoft Landing

10 Reasons why Writing Matters: Creating a Second Path

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I think it’s safe to say that I am on a mission. As is typical of me, I didn’t know I was on one until I was deep into it. It has been inspired by working with writers for the past decade, and watching the publishing industry suffer its growing pains, not always in a very pretty or predictable way. The fallout is that writers seem to get more discouraged more often than they used to when I first started editing and coaching. It’s gotten me to thinking a lot about the purpose and power of writing, fiction or non-fiction alike. If the only reason we set out to do it is for the belief in a big contract with … Read More

Jordan10 Reasons why Writing Matters: Creating a Second Path