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From the archives. This post originally ran June, 2011–but it feels right for now. On the phone with a writing client today I say, “It’s a crazy week,” and he laughs knowingly. “It’s always a crazy week,” he says. I can’t read his tone. Is he chastising me? It does seem that I say this to him each week during our standing appointment. Is this his impression of the person he’s hired to coach him through seeing his manuscript through to publication? “It’s always crazy, for everyone,” he amends, but somehow I still feel guilty. The day spins out like a yo-yo flung too far and gone slack. I’ve finished several critiques and a book review on time and suddenly it’s … Read More

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The Day I Killed the Internet

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It was not a good week for just about anyone with eyes, ears and an internet connection. Oh, funny you should mention that, here let me explain: Monday night I received some truly awful, terrible, no good criticism–if vague and half-incorrect summaries could be call that–of my writing. Though I’ve had so much more good than bad, its poison dart made contact with my heart and suddenly all optimism and confidence turned dark and sour.  Tuesday morning, in a fug of negativity, I logged on to find out the results of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award to see who had made it to the semi-finals. Alas. I could not get online (nor did I make it to the semi-finals). Not … Read More

JordanThe Day I Killed the Internet

On My Brother’s Birthday

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Maybe Me by Elliott Rosenfeld I am a huge statue People tiptoe past me in awe I am the shape of the writhing twisting thoughts of the people Once I knew feelings Now I only express the feelings of others I am made of exquisite stone constructed of the burning agony of the human soul Today is my brother’s 24th birthday. He wrote that poem above when he was just 10 years old, his bright little brain reading Greek and Norse Mythology and turning out some profound stuff. I love it for so many reasons–not the least of which is that it illustrates what I have always felt: that we share a similar heightened sensitivity to the world, the kind … Read More

JordanOn My Brother’s Birthday