A New Kind of Heroine?

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I don’t know about you, but I get a little tired of romance novels where the protagonist is waiting for the man to complete her. I know it’s the old trope, and hey, I’m married–I like being partnered up–but come on now! I have hobbies, and so should our romantic heroines. Hopefully, Nan Troy (“Nancy Drew, all grown up”), of Night Oracle, is a romantic heroine of a different shade. She’s been through the ringer of failed relationships and she isn’t going to jump at the first offer that comes her way. She’s a grown woman who knows her needs and her tastes. So when she meets Cal Banks, she’s interested, but wary. Yes, he can work a saxophone like … Read More

JordanA New Kind of Heroine?

Going Indie, a Year Later

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One year ago today I experienced the giddy, slightly mortifying experience of publishing my novel, Forged in Grace (which I’ve made FREE all weekend in celebration). It wasn’t my first publishing experience, not even my first book, but it was my first novel, and I had made the leap after a tremendous amount of anguish to publish independently. I’m not going to quote you the millions I made or the bestseller slots my book fell into. It did about as well as an average book of its kind does in the world of indie publishing, relishing a few days in the numbers that count before returning to its place of near obscurity. Around me voices in my head, critics, colleagues … Read More

JordanGoing Indie, a Year Later

Don’t Start Something New in 2014 (Finish Something Old)

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I know the temptation of the New Year to clear the slate, push all those half-finished projects and goals of last year to the side and start fresh. The pressure of everyone slapping on new resolutions like fancy new outfits could make anyone feel like a slacker. Consider instead finishing something “old” or “in-process” at the New Year instead. Here’s why I suggest it. That half finished novel, the short story you intended to send to that contest, the stack of essays you think might make a memoir—they may only physically live on your desk or your desktop, but here’s what you may not realize: unfinished projects also live inside you, in all their impartial nature. They take up psychic … Read More

JordanDon’t Start Something New in 2014 (Finish Something Old)