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Even though I am a sucker for a good plot even if the author has not been as careful with the prose, what I am most seduced by in a book are the images that arrest me along the way, and for which I am glad to have been stopped. Betsy Cox, one of my grad school mentors, was the first one to really drive home for me the evocative use of images, one involving flies sipping on milk foreshadowing death in Cormac McCarthy’s Suttree. Before then, I’d been unconsciously aware of these stylized visuals designed to conjure emotion and to ping on the tinny submarine of the subconscious. Since then, I look for them in everything I read, often disappointed when they aren’t there, and giddy when … Read More

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Who Doesn’t Like Free Books?

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I like books–it’s no secret. So what’s better than books? FREE ones! I enjoy receiving books as gifts, ARCs in the mail, recycled books–you name it. I love free books. So I thought, hey, why not give the joy of free books to others, as well? Here’s how you can take advantage of this: Sign up for any of my online courses and I’ll send you a free copy of my book with Rebecca Lawton, Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life. Successfully refer a friend to my most popular online course Fiction’s Magic Ingredient in November, and I’ll send you a $10 gift certificate for books from an online book provider (not sure which one yet), for EVERY person you successfully … Read More

JordanWho Doesn’t Like Free Books?

A Writer’s “Touch-up.”

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For writers like me, fall is the real “new year.”  Cooler weather and darker days drives me to my desk, to my writing. But it’s also when I crack open writing books, sign up for classes and take back in the fuel that helps me do my job well.  Give yourself a writer’s “touch-up” this October. Three 1 week mini-classes for just $49 each, or if you REGISTER before September 20th, you can have all three for just $129. Method Writing. 1 week. Self-paced. October 5 through 9, 2009. $49.   REGISTER before September 20th for all 3 for just $129! Some of the most widely acclaimed actors from Sean Penn to Robert Deniro  use an acting strategy that is said to have “revolutionized” … Read More

JordanA Writer’s “Touch-up.”

Class is in Session

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The first week of Fiction’s Magic Ingredient is underway. I don’t know yet how my students are feeling, but I’m enjoying reading their work, and eavesdropping on their discussion via the class message board. I always get energized by talk of craft; it’s why I really should be a perpetual student. I can never get enough learning. Even in the act of teaching I learn. Maybe more so, in fact. Here are some discussion topic questions we’ve been mulling over: What are your stumbling blocks as a writer? What skills do you covet (that you don’t feel you possess?) Session II, which is full, begins August 30th. I’m contemplating a session III since I’ve had so much interest. If you … Read More

JordanClass is in Session