Deepen Your Characters

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When we write fictional characters, they begin as relative strangers. Sure, he may dictate a tale to you in a “voice” so vivid you would swear you had met him before; or you may know what she looks like and where she comes from, but for most writers, the characters only become real to you over time, the deeper you write your way into them. All of our characters begin as shards of ourselves-even the villains and the magicians. In order to mold these paper golems into people of their own, to fledge them away from our own likeness, we have to dig very deeply, which takes time. Yet what if you could drop sooner into the emotional world of … Read More

JordanDeepen Your Characters

Writing that Transforms

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My altar is a sprawl of papers and books stacked precariously, pens that have lost their caps and odd flotsam that got put here in some moment while, busy chewing on story ideas, my fingers simply dropped an item. There’s no incense or holy water here, and my priest is not one, but many voices, most of them speaking to me from the pages of dog-eared books on subjects ranging from plot structure to the journeys of heroes.  I meet myself here every day, and some days there is a productive outpouring of words. Other days I revisit creative “failures,” try to re-imagine my way through muddled story, muddied characters who are still in the process of becoming.  There was … Read More

JordanWriting that Transforms

Call Me Coach

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Despite the bad rap that comes with the title, as a kid I always wanted to be teacher’s pet. Not just for the praise; it seemed that to get more time with one’s teacher was to be closer to the source of learning itself—and I was a Hungry Learner. It’s from this standpoint that I approach writing coaching. I’ve been doing it for years now, but calling it something else (editing). Fact is, the hungry learner inside me has an alter-ego known as the Eager Teacher. Each year that I edit more writers’ manuscripts I learn more about how hungry writers are, too, to write the best material they can write, to imbibe and learn the craft on a level … Read More

JordanCall Me Coach

Fight Overwhelm: Make Magic

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*Register for Fiction’s Magic Ingredient today, receive a FREE 1-week intensive in December–your choice of 4. Ok, try a little experiment with me now: attempt to hold the entire world, plot, characters and landscape of your novel in your mind ALL AT ONCE. That’s right–can you see it all–every plot point and character nuance, every hint and image of foreshadowing, the visual and the thematic, the small and the large? Of course you can’t. (If you can: go get your brain studied) The writers I work with seem to share one common stumbling block, which trips them up before they finally master it: overwhelm. This overwhelm stems from a belief that a novel is written all at once–like a big ribbon unfurling from your  … Read More

JordanFight Overwhelm: Make Magic

Make Me Tense…please

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One of many things I find so marvelous about writing fiction is that what works in real life might never fly on the fictional page, and often vice versa. Fiction is a simulacrum (oh how I love pulling that word out) of reality, or even more so in the case of fantasy and science-fiction, a simulated reality. As such, most of us would not hold up under the level of tension necessary to make a novel compelling and impossible to put down. The greater the tension in fiction, the more rapt readers are; while the greater the tension in your real life, the more glasses of wine or hot lavender baths it takes to soothe away the headache (or whatever your thing … Read More

JordanMake Me Tense…please

Fighting Writing Overwhelm

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I’m just teaching you one thing–the scene–but I’m teaching it to you from every angle. So if you want to cut through the overwhelm and learn about the one essential magic piece of writing that will honestly and truly change your writing forever, there are still a few spaces left at:

JordanFighting Writing Overwhelm

Scene Writing Workshop and Feedback Session

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With Jordan E. Rosenfeld and Amy McElroy Friday, October 29, 2010 10:30a.m.-2:30p.m. BookSmart. 80 E 2nd Street. Morgan Hill. Cost: $85  In this workshop we’ll explore the crucial key to captivating readers—the scene and all its facets—to build a vivid, engaging piece of writing, whether fiction or non-fiction.  Students will also workshop a piece of writing in class. Come prepared to do some brief in-class writing, as well as to read your work for group feedback. We will take a working lunch, so either bring lunch or purchase it from BookSmart’s tasty deli counter, serving soups, hot dogs and chili.  Participants may bring any piece of their own writing, but will only read 2 pages in-class for feedback from the … Read More

JordanScene Writing Workshop and Feedback Session

To Convince you…

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Next week, July 30, is the last date to get the early registration discount of $30 for my class, Revise for Publication, which begins August 16th for 6 weeks. In case you’re uncertain about this class, here are some recent testimonials: “I was so overwhelmed I contemplating throwing all 400 pages [of my novel] into a locked trunk and burying the key. REVISE FOR PUBLICATION is Jordan Rosenfeld’s answer — and my salvation…. Jordan’s “Story Matrix” tool beats index cards, storyboarding, complex excel tables, and other methods I’ve used to keep my story, characters, and timelines straight, and was what made me recognize all the holes in my story — and how to plug them in. Best of all, Jordan … Read More

JordanTo Convince you…

Trust Your Gut to Cut

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Here’s a tidbit from my six-week online course, Revise for Publication. Next session: August 16 through October 14. Get your manuscript in shape! Register: Trust Your Gut to Cut I like this mantra not only because it rhymes, but because it has so often proved true. Recently, in my novel, there was a phrase I loved to the point of obsession even though it seemed florid. The first comment I chalked up to personal opinion, cradling my words to my breast like infants. Yet reader after reader after reader lined it out every time saying it jarred them out of the fictional dream. Only after about 10 readers had done this, did I accept what I knew all along: … Read More

JordanTrust Your Gut to Cut

When should characters think, act or speak?

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Should your characters think, act, or speak?

JordanWhen should characters think, act or speak?