See Your Life From a New Perspective: Renewal Retreat


JordanSee Your Life From a New Perspective: Renewal Retreat

Why You Should Go to a Writing Conference…

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This past weekend I had a fantastic time speaking at the Writer’s Digest annual writing conference, in New York. They’ve been holding this conference for years, and it shows in its well-oiled unfolding and high caliber of presentations. It’s a pleasure to be there to speak, but I tell you, I still fondly remember the years when I attended writing conferences as an aspiring writer–the froth of excitement and nerves in my chest as I walked past authors I admired, agents I wanted to pitch, and so on.   In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there are a lot of wonderful reasons to go to conferences, and writers should be reminded why. The … Read More

JordanWhy You Should Go to a Writing Conference…

Revise for Publication CWC Workshop


CALIFORNIA WRITERS CLUB–BERKELEY BRANCH Saturday, November 8, 2014. 10am  to 1pm. So you want to be published?  It’s been said that after the wild creative outpouring, the real writing happens in the art of revision.  Your best chance of attracting readers is through a strong “re-seeing” of your work, to craft the work so it appeals to readers of all stripes. Writers who learn to love revision are more likely to write publishable work that wins readers and leads to deeper satisfaction in the writer’s craft. This workshop will help any writer with the goal of publication learn to demystify key areas of revision, from the micro to the macro.  You can learn to enjoy revision by breaking it down … Read More

JordanRevise for Publication CWC Workshop

Why Attend a Writer’s Retreat vs. Conference?

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Artists of all stripes, but writers especially, need scads of time to enter the silence where art is created. It’s hard to do in the bustle of family life, at work, and surrounded by friends. Visual artists often go on “residencies” but writers are generally pointed in the direction of conferences where you are exhorted to improve, refine, better your craft and hone your  path to publication.  This is, of course, a good thing–where else can you meet literary heroes and experts in a quick, intense setting? But having been to enough conferences as both participant and presenter, I can tell you that I often return home spent to my very last. There’s a driving energy at the conference scene … Read More

JordanWhy Attend a Writer’s Retreat vs. Conference?

Guest Teacher: Amy McElroy. Luscious Language & Memoir Fundamentals!

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I’m excited to announce a guest-teacher here at Write Livelihood. In her own words, I introduce Amy McElroy, writer, teacher and editor. Follow the link below her introduction to take one of two fabulous classes in January. Early-bird specials through December 20th, 2013. * * * Amy McElroy writes: I believe in truth. Things like trees and nature and children, especially toddlers who waddle around like tiny fountains of truth. But, I believe in kindness, too.  Toddlers tell the white, blunt truth, but it usually comes with a kiss. But, most of all I believe in honesty and integrity. If you’re looking for a writing teacher or editor who gives it to you straight, even if that means sometimes you have … Read More

JordanGuest Teacher: Amy McElroy. Luscious Language & Memoir Fundamentals!

Plot the Path to Transformation

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“In the midst of life’s journey I found myself in a dark wood, for the right path was lost.”—Dante, the Inferno We have all felt as Dante expresses above at one, or many points, in our lives. Those of us who write might, in fact, be doing so as a way of finding the right path again, or carving out a new path, constructing a protagonist to walk it, and creating a journey that will help us make meaning out Life with a capital L, or our own individual lives. There’s a marvelous symmetry to the path it takes to become a writer and the “hero’s journey” that turns up in all great mythology (and yes, the hero is often … Read More

JordanPlot the Path to Transformation