Professional Rivalry

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I recently came across a series of emails that chronicle the end of a friendship I had with a fellow freelance writer a couple years ago. It’s something that still smarts even now, an event I still can’t quite get my head around. I am shocked to find that the hurt feelings persist. The friendship began when she, a lovely woman whose name I would see in some of the same local publications I wrote for, contacted me saying she’d been reading my blog.  We got to chatting and decided to meet for coffee.  She’d been freelancing longer than I had and knew all about how lonely it can get at home and sounded supportive of my jump to the same position.  … Read More

JordanProfessional Rivalry

Fiction Writers Need Platform Too

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Day Five of my interview with Christina Katz, author of Get Known Before the Book Deal and Writer Mama.     Q: Is it as necessary for a fiction writer to build platform as a non-fiction writer?  CK: Why in the world wouldn’t a fiction writer want to build a nonfiction platform alongside her fiction platform? Fact of the matter is: published fiction writers produce a ton of nonfiction. Why not own it? Why not own it starting now? Any traditionally published author (or self-published author, for that matter) is going to be producing a ton of nonfiction material to support her platform. I have a whole chapter in Get Known about how fiction writers can spin off nonfiction topics … Read More

JordanFiction Writers Need Platform Too

Time to Play

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Don’t you get a little tired of the drudgery part of seeking publication? All that sifting, sorting, posting, mailing and then the waiting… Want to have a little fun in the process of seeking publication? Then join me and Rebecca Lawton, authors of the book Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life for our monthly self-paced “Playshops.” Playshop One’s theme is “Playing toward Publication.” The playshops take place each month. Next one begins April 6, 2009. For 20 days of the month you receive inspiring quotes and words, write free prompts, craft exercises and a weekly message to juice your creative energy up and engage in new publishing strategies.  Sign up at: .

JordanTime to Play

Editors Are People Too

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I’ve found that it’s all too easy to pin our writerly anxiety about publication on the editors we pitch and submit to, whether as freelance writers or as an author waiting to hear back from a book or proposal out on submission.  Most likely your family, spouse or friends are a tad sick of hearing about how nervous you are…so those feelings end up aimed at the wrong people. You might accidentally think of them as purposely withholding an answer about your precious pitch, or spitefully telling you that it isn’t what they’re looking for. You might even think that they went out of their way to tell you what was wrong with something you pitched. These are understandable, but … Read More

JordanEditors Are People Too

Wanting to be Jackie Kennedy

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My talented friend Elizabeth Kern has made it to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel quarter-finals for her novel Wanting to be Jackie Kennedy. I have had the good fortune to read this lovely novel and I can plainly say that it is a winner. If you’d like to help out a talented author and read a wonderful excerpt, you can review her book favorably! Download the excerpt here:

JordanWanting to be Jackie Kennedy

Social Network Overwhelm

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I feel so old, so out of date for what I’m about to say: between facebook and twitter and just keeping up with my two blogs, I am overwhelmed. And I don’t even get any of these applications on my cell phone! I like all of these forms of expression. The blog was a perfect outlet for a confessional sort like myself, and I understand its importance in a more professional manner, too. Facebook is a fabulous way to keep a quick tab on friends and whittle away time chasing down ghosts of the past. Twitter is like communication in haiku, but it’s also a little bit like what I imagine the stock exchange is like–conversations whizzing over and around … Read More

JordanSocial Network Overwhelm

Playing toward Publication

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Month-Long Write Free Playshop: Playing toward Publication Join us for the first Write Free Month-Long Playshop in which you exercise your creative chops and aim for your publishing dreams. We are now accepting sign- ups at our website for this new month-long, self-paced Write Free Playshop, which begins in March, 2009. Join us every weekday for four weeks (20 days), for the following activities, which will be sent to you in a daily e-mail (except for the Weekly Message, which will come once a week): Write Free Writing Prompt to jumpstart your own personal freewrite for the day Quote on Attraction to inspire and align you with your best creative life Word of the Day to spark your imagination Exercises … Read More

JordanPlaying toward Publication

The Best Writing Book You Never Found

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So here’s a quick question for you: Is there a writing book you wish you had? One that you haven’t found that answers questions or explains craft elements? This would be the perfect book of answers to your writing conundrums. What “is” that book? What would it reveal to you, and how? Answer here in the comments.

JordanThe Best Writing Book You Never Found