Make a Stab at Measuring Up

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Writers, here is the ugly truth: readers live in an all-encompassing “now” when they read your book. They don’t know, and most probably can’t fathom, the amount of work, emotional agony and shades of artistic angst that went into the making of your book. They don’t think about how you will feel when they post their critical review on Amazon or Goodreads. In fact, when reading, I’d venture that most readers don’t even consider you at all—there is not so much an author as a free-floating, amorphous deity of creation that zapped the book into being like something off an old episode of Star Trek. While at first this realization is painful, I’m only reminding you to push you to … Read More

JordanMake a Stab at Measuring Up

Call Me Coach

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Despite the bad rap that comes with the title, as a kid I always wanted to be teacher’s pet. Not just for the praise; it seemed that to get more time with one’s teacher was to be closer to the source of learning itself—and I was a Hungry Learner. It’s from this standpoint that I approach writing coaching. I’ve been doing it for years now, but calling it something else (editing). Fact is, the hungry learner inside me has an alter-ego known as the Eager Teacher. Each year that I edit more writers’ manuscripts I learn more about how hungry writers are, too, to write the best material they can write, to imbibe and learn the craft on a level … Read More

JordanCall Me Coach

10 Reasons why Writing Matters: Creating a Second Path

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I think it’s safe to say that I am on a mission. As is typical of me, I didn’t know I was on one until I was deep into it. It has been inspired by working with writers for the past decade, and watching the publishing industry suffer its growing pains, not always in a very pretty or predictable way. The fallout is that writers seem to get more discouraged more often than they used to when I first started editing and coaching. It’s gotten me to thinking a lot about the purpose and power of writing, fiction or non-fiction alike. If the only reason we set out to do it is for the belief in a big contract with … Read More

Jordan10 Reasons why Writing Matters: Creating a Second Path

Sage Cohen Uses Both Sides of Her Brain: So Can You

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A Q &A with author Sage Cohenabout learning to place as much importance on process vs. results, using both sides of your brain, structuring your time wisely, and much more.

JordanSage Cohen Uses Both Sides of Her Brain: So Can You

Milk & Ink Anthology Benefit

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Milk and Ink is here now, if you didn’t know already! This anthology of stories, essays and poems by writing mothers celebrates the intensity of being both mother and writer. It also will inspire all to recognize the power of living true to your passions and life purpose. Milk & Ink focuses on the experience of motherhood, but it also speaks to everyone: fathers, daughters, and sons. This anthology, not only in its stories, but in its creation and promotion, seeks to acknowledge the need we have for one another. Most important, though, proceeds of the project will be donated to Mama Hope, which supports women and children in Africa in a variety of projects. To purchase copies you may … Read More

JordanMilk & Ink Anthology Benefit


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I have been dogged in creating a career from the ground up, one that involves a piecemeal and patchwork process of seeking out sources and pitching dreams to the future, that requires a kind of juggling that, at times, feels like flaming swords rather than writing, teaching and editing.


I Discovered the Internet

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There are days where I feel like I am the last person to the party. By the time I joined Myspace, everyone had moved on to Facebook. By the time I joined Facebook, well, thankfully everyone was still there, but they were also tweeting. And I was like, “hey, there’s this really cool place where you can connect with old high school friends called…” No, seriously…The point of today’s post is to express my awe and gratitude for what the internet has done for me and my writing, even if I am the last person to realize it. I don’t think we can hold up the “technology isolates people” banner for too much longer at this rate. It may change … Read More

JordanI Discovered the Internet