What to Do While You Wait to be Published

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You want to be published,  for as long as you can remember. Or perhaps you’ve  recently realized that you’re actually rather good at this writing thing.  On the other hand, maybe you’ve submitted more pieces than you can count, or, you’ve just worked up your nerve for the first time. Wherever you fall in the want-to-be-published spectrum, read on. I’ve got words for you. The truth is, if you want to be published, you must never just wait. The title of this post is misleading on purpose. If you find yourself in the position of anguished waiting (wringing hands, fighting anxiety, cursing the publishing gods) here are some of the things you can be doing: All-weather Writing Your writing can be … Read More

JordanWhat to Do While You Wait to be Published

Fail Up: On Creative Resilience

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I don’t know too many people who stand up proudly and shout “yay” when they experience a failure, whether you’ve been accused of doing something wrong, or poorly, or a creative experiment if didn’t go the way you hoped (or a thousand other examples). The more people who are aware of your “failure,” the more you may want to burrow away into a dimly lit cave until all memory of it has passed. But what if I told you that you should celebrate and share your failures? That failures are signs of experimentation and creativity, of stretching and pushing yourself bravely toward the unknown? Whether you’re a writer, or a teacher, a manager of your department, or a parent. Failure … Read More

JordanFail Up: On Creative Resilience

Writing to Genre without Selling Out. Guest Post by C.S. Lakin

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GUEST POST  by C. S. Lakin Writers who love to write fiction often eschew the idea of crafting a novel or novella solely to target a specific audience—especially if the primary goal is to sell a lot of books in order to make money. To many, putting money-making or the goal to top the best-seller lists ahead of writing “genuinely” or “from the heart” is a sellout, a compromise. It shows lack of scruples or integrity. It paints the writer as a cheap, spineless hack just out to make a buck. At least, that’s how some purists feel.  Aren’t we novelists supposed to be holding up the flame of truth and quality to shine in the world? Isn’t writing to … Read More

JordanWriting to Genre without Selling Out. Guest Post by C.S. Lakin