Learn to Love the Pain


When it inevitably comes time, at the beginning of spring, to get back in shape, I want to snap my fingers and have an exercise genie magically remake my body without me having to do a whole lot of work. But of course, I gripe and grouse and pull on my swimsuit, even when all those extra bits poke out over the edges, and the glare of my winter-whitened skin causes people to have accidents in the gym. The first week or two, I don’t notice much change. I feel better, but the jiggly parts still jiggle and I weigh roughly the same. And then, somewhere between weeks three and four, there comes a moment where I realize that change is … Read More

JordanLearn to Love the Pain

Stumble and Bumble Your Way to Success


Join me for a talk to the California Writer’s Club Marin Branch in May: Sunday, May 23, 2010 at Book Passage, Corte Madera:  “The Wild and Wooly, Stumble and Bumble Your Way to Success Story. Or: How Anyone Can Publish By Saying Yes”  In this new day of publishing, writers have to think even further outside the box on the road to publication–and get comfortable with the fact that the line to success may not be a straight one.  Jordan Rosenfeld uses her own experience “saying yes to unexpected opportunities” along the way of her career to illustrate how important it is to be creative, take opportunities and not limit yourself on the road to publication. She’ll give examples of … Read More

JordanStumble and Bumble Your Way to Success

Susan Henderson: Trust Your (re)Vision


I thought of a lot of different ways to “introduce” Susan Henderson here, but each time they came out sounding cheesy. You may know her for her powerful writing, published in multiple print and online sources, or from www.Litpark.com, her brainchild and baby. You may know her from when she edited at Night Train magazine or from one of the many ways she champions writers.  Fortunately, Sue speaks very well for herself, and I think you’ll find this to be one of the most inspirational interviews yet. She reminds us that even though we must listen to the sharp and wise voices of criticism, we must also trust our own voice and vision as writers. You have the distinction of being editor and … Read More

JordanSusan Henderson: Trust Your (re)Vision

Writers on Revision: Hope Edelman


Today Make a Scene launches its “Writers on Revisions” series, which will go on for several weeks. I admit that this is a self-serving project. I’m embarking on a novel revision, and rather than jumping off into that terrifying place alone, I wanted to bolster my process with words of advice from published authors and editors. But as an editor, I also know that writers can’t hear enough about revision. So, jump in, and share your revision stories! Today I give you the wondrous Hope Edelman, author of The Possibility of Everything and Motherless Daughters. *** How do you approach revision?    I typically edit as I go, perfecting each chapter as I write it, until I’ve done this about … Read More

JordanWriters on Revision: Hope Edelman

The Road MORE Traveled


On some level I’m always thinking about revision because a) I’m a writer, and at some point after the joyous font of writing pleasure, I know I’m in for it. b) I’m an editor and daily I offer suggestions to others on how to revise their work. I’ve also had the good fortune to interview a lot of successful authors, from TC Boyle to Sara Gruen to Tess Gerritsen–a wide gamut. And not a single one has ever said, “I just churned out greatness and it went on to be published.”  (Okay Boyle may have said that somewhere 🙂 Sara Gruen, if I recall, printed each of her pages some dozens of times until she could only find 1 single … Read More

JordanThe Road MORE Traveled

Temporary Abandonment=Creative Flow


For the first time in AGES I am not blogging because I’m too busy writing fiction 🙂 It feels so good. I proclaim for all to witness that I WILL finish a draft (a first draft) by March, if not sooner, and a second draft by June. So, dear agent who hasn’t heard from me in ages, stay tuned. I will be bothering you before long. Meanwhile, stay tuned for some guest posts! JPR

JordanTemporary Abandonment=Creative Flow

Wild and Wooly Path to Success


In April I’ll be giving a talk to the California Writer’s Club. I’ve decided to title it “My Wild and Wooly, Stumble and Bumble My Way to Success Story. Or: How anyone can get published if you keep saying yes.” My path to publication has never been a straight line. The only constant in my journey has been that I always loved to write, from the moment I learned how to read and string letters together and I sought every opportunity to do this, both private and public. My parents who were not winning medals in that department for a long time, somehow managed to ply me with journals, typewriters and trips to bookstores that fed this spark in me to … Read More

JordanWild and Wooly Path to Success

Warming up for the New Year


I’m sure a little online research could reveal to me why January is considered the start of a new year. It seems such an odd time of year to “begin” if you think about it, at least in North America where living things are dormant and slow. And yet, there is something motivating in these dark and cold months–if we can’t be out in the warmth of the world, why not dip into our own inner creative wells where it can be any season we want. How will you boost your writing life this year? What will you do differently? Are you after any new goals? I hope to hear from you! I hope you’ll come back in 2010 for … Read More

JordanWarming up for the New Year

Welcoming War: The Editor and the Wild Thing


Today’s guest poster, Alegra Clarke, is new mom to her third baby as of two days ago. A healthy, robust boy. In honor of that, we have her wonderful post: I am a person who guards her peace. This isn’t to say I don’t love a good drama. I’m a guilty voyeur of other people’s train wrecks but given the opportunity to meddle, I will always try to find the path of resolution for those involved. Recently, I’ve realized that some ancient conflicts and well-nourished hatreds deserve to be respected; peace is not always the answer. It takes all kinds of chemistry to sustain a relationship and the stability of the physical world is often maintained by relationships involving opposition. … Read More

JordanWelcoming War: The Editor and the Wild Thing