Be real. Write more. Witness.

JordanWriters Persist., Writing. Practice.

I’m not setting resolutions for 2014, but I am going to set themes. These are the qualities by which I want to live my life and which I also wish for all of you.

This will be a year of authenticity, going deeper into what it means to be real, to be present, which means that I will be more honest, say what I think, feel, and need more often. This means I’ll also lack grace, at times. I’ll stumble, I’ll make mistakes, I’ll definitely put my foot in my mouth. Instead of beating myself up for these, I’ll remember to be kind and say: hey self, at least you made an effort, got back at it, persisted, apologized, tried again.

I’ll write what I want to write, a lot of it, too;  that is the one true path I’ve ever walked, that has never failed me, regardless of the outcome.

This year I’m not going to feel sorry for anyone. No pity—only empathy. I’ll mine the corridors of my own experience to find understanding. I will listen more and judge less. I will offer my ear and my heart to your struggles, even when there is absolutely nothing I can do to help. In fact, I will not try to help. I will not try to fix. I will just witness.

That’s it. Be real. Write more. Witness.

Wishing you a full, deep, authentic 2014.

JordanBe real. Write more. Witness.