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What the Hell Did I Do With My 20s? at The Mid

The Truth is Still Out There. 5 Mysteries We Hope the X-Files Reboot Will Solve” at Salon

The Subversive Feminism of BBC’s “The Fall” at Salon

Becoming Persistent at Rewire Me

Jo March Saved My Life (In Praise of Awkward Female Heroines) at Dame Magazine

How Massage Helped Me Heal More Than My Body at Reimagine

Don’t Call Me Beautiful at Role Reboot

Why I’m Glad Nationwide Ran a Commercial About Death at the Superbowl at Role Reboot

Is There a Female Midlife Crisis? at DAME Magazine

How I Learned What it Means to be Strong at Role Reboot

Writing Through Depression at Stigma Fighters

I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues at Purple Clover

Are You Sufficiently Bored? at ReWire Me

How to Combat Apocalyptic Thinking atReWire Me

Self-Help in the Name of Selfless Service? at ReWire Me

I Hate This Place Part I at The Nervous Breakdown

I Hate This Place Part II  atThe Nervous Breakdown

We Are What Our Ancestors Ate atThe Nervous Breakdown


No One is a Failure Who Has Friends at Rewire Me

Sometimes We Touch at Purple Clover

Dear Life: Help, I’m Almost 24 and LostThe Manifest-Station

My Emotionally Abusive Relationship Ended in a “Dream” Proposal at XO Jane

Surface/ing at Medium-Human Parts

Prop Love at The Manifest-Station


Nobody Homeschools Alone at Alternet

Breaking the Tech Addiction in Playdates at Parents Magazine/Family Fun

I Love My Work Almost As Much As My Child at

Confessions of an Over-Parenter at Role/Reboot

Parenting A Highly Sensitive Child at

Why More & More Parents are Opting Out of Homework at AlterNet

Kids Can Stand To Feel a Little Shame at Mom.Me

Smells Like School Spirit: Do Spirit Days Force Conformity? at Mamalode

Why I Plan To Hover As My Son Becomes a Teen at Stir Journal

Forever a First-Time Mom at Washington Post

Tired of Being Judged for the Way You Raise Your Kids? at AlterNet

The Power of Letting Your Child Swear at Mommyish

Teaching Your Child to Celebrate Christmas without Religionat Role/Reboot

A Breach of Trust at The Washington Post

Not a PTA Mom at New York Times, Motherlode

Why I Won’t Regret Having Only One Child at Role/Reboot

Origins of my Anger at Brain, Child magazine


They’re Coming For You: Survivor’s Guilt & New Anti-Semitism at Jewish Journal

The Macrobiotic Diet That Turned Me Into a Sugar Addict at Paste

I’m a Jew Who Celebrates Christmas at Bustle

Surrogate Daughter at Full Grown People

Sugar-Hide at Ozy

Absurdity of Closure at Modern Loss

The Leaching of Memory at St. Petersburg Times


What’s Your Hurry?, at Sweatpants & Coffee

A Step Ahead: On Anxiety, at Sweatpants & Coffee

Small Acts of Kindness at Sweatpants & Coffee

Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall at Sweatpants & Coffee

Un-Doing Me at Sweatpants & Coffee


Hanging in there Joyfully. How Persistence Fuels Creativity at Creative Live

7 Secrets of Highly Persistent Writers at Writer Unboxed

The Importance of Becoming Persistent. Podcast interview for Authorbiz

Finding Beauty in the Darkness. A Profile of Author Rene Denfeld at Sweatpants & Coffee

Interview with Isabelle Allende at Writer’s Digest

Interview with Chuck Pahalaniuk at Writer’s Digest

Interview with Sara Gruen at Writer’s Digest

Journal to the Center of Yourself: Capture a Moment at Sweatpants & Coffee

Why Self-Published Authors Should Go it Alone, Together at The Book Designer

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