An Inventory of Things On My Desk: A Meditation

JordanGeneral, Writing. Practice.

Four cups—3 coffee, 1 wine glass

Two computers—1 tablet, 1 netbook

A bag of asthma inhalers

A weighty copy of my rarely-cracked Chicago Manual of Style

My bra, flung off for sudden relief last night

A cottonball “lamb” made by my son

A hardcopy of the manuscript I was going to revise, but changed my mind

A box of Mary’s gluten-free crackers, going stale, if that’s even possible

Zinc lozenges, half-melted

The new journal, black & gold, which I’m almost ready for

A purse I no longer carry

A plant

A silver framed photograph of my great-aunt Margaret, the writer, who died gruesomely at age 21 (decapitated) in a train accident

My brother’s 10 year old poetry

A red Mardi-Gras mask

Copies of my books

Unsent cards

Sunglasses; I’ll wonder where they’ve gone when I’m next in the car

What’s on yours? Share with me!

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JordanAn Inventory of Things On My Desk: A Meditation